GE Series
670ADC810+/- 10 VDC Analog Input Module Data SheetMAN0030
670ADC930+/- 10 VDC Isolated Analog Input Data SheetMAN0031
670DAC830+/- 10 VDC Isolated Analog Output Data SheetMAN0033
670DAC8404-20mA Isolated Analog Output Data SheetMAN0034
670IBU100Bus Interface Unit User ManualMAN0035
670RLY168Isolated High Current Relay Data SheetMAN0036
690DQT13212-280VAC Output Interface Data SheetMAN0037
690RLY132Relay Output Interface Data SheetMAN0038
693ADC405+/- 10V Isolated Analog Input Data SheetMAN0039
693ADC406Millivolt Input Module Data SheetMAN0040
693ADC420Isolated Analog Current Input Module Data SheetMAN0042
693ADC400Strain Gage Module Data SheetMAN0043
693ADC816High Speed+/- 10V Analog Input Module Data SheetMAN0044
GE Fanuc Series 90 User ManualDistributed I/O for GE Fanuc Series 90 User ManualMAN0045
693BEM310SDS Interface for GE Fanuc Series 90 User ManualMAN0048
693CALKITCALKIT User ManualMAN0049
693CDC300CAN Data Concentrator User ManualMAN0050
693DAC410+/- 10V Isolated Analog Output Data SheetMAN0052
693DAC420Isolated Analog Current Output Data SheetMAN0053
693DNT250DeviceNet Master User ManualMAN0054
693DRVNETDrive Network for GE Fanuc Series 90 Data SheetMAN0055
693FLT050Fault Access Display Unit SupplementMAN0057
693ISOBLKIsothermal Block for Thermocouple Module Data SheetMAN0058
693LEV6404-20mA LED Level Meter Data SheetMAN0059
693MKR100Mark Pulse Inverter Data SheetMAN0060
693OIU190Operator Interface for GE Fanuc Genius and FloPro User ManualMAN0062
693OIU350Operator Interface for GE Fanuc Series 90 User ManualMAN0063
693OIU720Operator Interface Unit Data SheetMAN0064
693OIU901PowerTRAC Monitor for Genius PowerTRAC Blocks Data SheetMAN0065
693OIU157Release 3.4 Operator Interface User ManualMAN0066
693OIU150, 693OIU152, 693OIU175Operator Interface User ManualMAN0067
693OIUCCxxxDOS Co-processor User ManualMAN0068
693PIF400Personal Computer Interface Card for GE Fanuc Series 90MAN0069
693PWR524External Power Supply Adapter Data SheetMAN0071
693RLY110High Current Isolated Relay Output for GE Fanuc Series 90 Data SheetMAN0072
693RTD60xResistance Temperature Device User ManualMAN0073
693RTD66xIsolated RTD Module Data SheetMAN0074
693RTU9XXRTU Interface Module User ManualMAN0077
693SER300Sequence of Events Recorder User ManualMAN0078
693SNP232SNP to RS232 Adapter Data SheetMAN0079
693SNPMPXSNP Multiplexer for GE Fanuc Series 90 User ManualMAN0080
693SNP900SNP Interface Module User ManualMAN0081
693STG883High Resolution Strain Gage Data SheetMAN0082
693STG884High Resolution Strain Gage User ManualMAN0083
693STPxxxStepper Positioning for GE Fanuc Series 90 User ManualMAN0084
693TCR050Data Access Unit Data SheetMAN0085
693TCU40xThumbwheel Interface User ManualMAN0087
693THMxxxThermocouple Module Data SheetMAN0088
693TFT51xFlat Panel Display Data SheetMAN0089
693THM166High Density Thermocouple Input Data SheetMAN0090
693THMxx6Thermocouple Input Module Data SheetMAN0091
693THM407Thermocouple Input Module with Real Time Clock Data SheetMAN0092
693THM409Thermocouple Input Module Data SheetMAN0093
693THM884, 693THM888High Resolution Thermocouple Module Data SheetMAN0095
693TRM526Terminal Strip for GE Fanuc Series 90 Data SheetMAN0097
Series Six I/O Controller for GE Fanuc Series 90Series Six I/O Controller for GE Fanuc Series 90 Data SheetMAN0099
693DIM103Digital Input Module Data SheetMAN0100
693ADC815-17High Speed +/- 1mA Analog Input Module Data SheetMAN0189
693RTD720RTD Input Module Data SheetMAN0194
693SNPSWSNP 24 VDC Remote Switch for GE Fanuc Series 90 Data SheetMAN0195
693STG884High Resolution Milliamp Input Module Data SheetMAN0196
693CAL101CANopen Interface for GE Fanuc Series 90 Data SheetMAN0223
693ADC409Millivolt Input Module Data SheetMAN0264
693CDC900CsCAN Data Concentrator Module Data SheetMAN0311
693MIX800Mixed Analog Input Module Data SheetMAN0314
693SNPCBLSNP to RS-232 Adapter Data SheetMAN0344
693PWR024Conveyor Power Supply Data SheetMAN0401
GE ASCII Basic User ManualASCII Basic Co-processor User ManualMAN0047
693CPU User ManualPC CPU User ManualMAN0051
693WCIxxxIndustrial Workstation User ManualMAN0098
693CPU100"C" Programming Tool Kit User ManualMAN0157
693OIU910Operator Interface Unit for GE Fanuc Genius and FloPro User ManualMAN0102
693OIU900Operator Interface Unit for GE Fanuc Genius User ManualMAN0191
693THM66xIsolated Thermocouple Module User ManualMAN0094
693IBS100Interbus-S Slave Module for GE Fanuc Series 90 User ManualMAN0200
693DNT750DeviceNet Slave User ManualMAN0213
697FBX10xFiber Optic Expansion Interface User ManualMAN0215
690HPL100Hand Held Program Loader User ManualMAN0217
693PBM101Profibus Master User ManualMAN0219
693PBS106Profibus Slave User ManualMAN0221
693PRM313Interbus-S Slave System Configuration for GE Fanuc Model 313MAN0225
693PRM323Interbus-S Slave System Configuration for GE Fanuc Model 323MAN0226
693PBX32032 Button / 32 LED Driver Board User ManualMAN0252
693RTD600Resistance Temperature Device Input Module User ManualMAN0279
693CDC200CsCAN Data Concentrator Module User ManualMAN0283
693CAN501CANopen Master Module User ManualMAN0320
300GEN150Option Card for GE Adjustable Frequency Drives User ManualMAN0373
693DNT350DeviceNet Master User ManualMAN0403
693THM895High Resolution Thermocouple Module Data SheetMAN0444
693PBM101Profibus Master Data SheetMAN0477
693PBS105Profibus Slave Data SheetMAN0478
693MIX800Mixed Analog Input Module Data SheetMAN0547
697RTM701RTU Slave Communication Module Data SheetMAN0406
Horner Legacy Series
800FOX100Fiber Optic Expansion ModuleMAN0509
800FOX104, 800FOX404Fiber Optic Extension SystemMAN0508
MiniSXMiniSX Data SheetMAN0780
MiniRXMiniRX Data SheetMAN0786
800PCU100Printer Control Unit ConfigurationMAN0790
200DIM420125VDC Input Module SpecsMAN0791
200DQM302Relay Output Module SpecsMAN0792
FOX12, FOX30Fiber Optic Extension SystemMAN0826
XRC9XRC9 User ManualMAN0850
XRC9XRC9 SupplementSUP0823
USBISO12 Mb Isolated USB AdapterMAN0968
XRC2QXL15+ Model 5 DatasheetMAN1075
Mini OCS-RCS Series
500OCS031, 500OCS061, 500RCS061Mixed DC I/O Module Data SheetMAN0295
500OCS032, 500OCS062, 500RCS062Mixed DC I/O Module Data SheetMAN0296
500OCS033, 500OCS063, 500RCS063High Speed Counter Data SheetMAN0297
500OCS034, 500OCS064, 500RCS064 High Speed Counter Data SheetMAN0298
500OCS035, 500OCS065, 500RCS065 Mixed I/O Module Data SheetMAN0299
500OCS036, 500OCS066, 500RCS066AC Input/AC Output Module Data SheetMAN0300
500OCS037, 500OCS067, 500RCS067X7 User ManualMAN0301
500OCS041, 500OCS071, 500RCS071Mixed DC I/O Module Data SheetMAN0302
500OCS042, 500OCS072, 500RCS072Mixed DC I/O Module Data SheetMAN0303
500OCS053, 500OCS083, 500RCS08324VDC Bipolar Digital In; 10-28VDC 0.5A Sourcing Digital Out; 4-20mA Analog In/Out Data SheetMAN0304
500OCS052, 500OCS082, 500RCS08224VDC Bipolar Digital In; 10-28VDC 0.5A Sourcing Digital Out; 4-20mA Analog In/Out Data SheetMAN0307
500OCS047, 500OCS077, 500RCS077AC Input / AC Output Module Data SheetMAN0318
500OCS045, 500OCS075, 500RCS075AC Input / AC Output Module Data SheetMAN0319
500OCS049, 500OCS079, 500RCS079Temperature I/O ModuleMAN0359
500OCS055, 500OCS085, 500RCS08524VDC Bipolar Digital In; 10-28VDC 0.5A Sinking Digital Out; 4-20mA Analog In/Out Data SheetMAN0367
500OCS057, 500OCS087, 500RCS08724VDC Bipolar Digital In; 10-30VDC 0.5A Sourcing Digital Out; 4-20mA Isolated Analog In/Out Data SheetMAN0368
500OCS038, 500OCS068AC Input / AC Output Module Data SheetMAN0409
500OCS100, 500OCS110Operator Control Station Data SheetMAN0416
500OCS200, 500OCS210Operator Control Station Data SheetMAN0429
500OCS250Graphic Operator Control Station Data SheetMAN0430
500OCS056, 500OCS086, 500RCS08624VDC Bipolar Digital In; 3amp Relay Digital Out; Thermistor/5V/20mA In; 10VDC/20mA Analog In/Out Data SheetMAN0442
ColorTouchColor Touch OCS Hardware Data SheetMAN0543
ColorTouchColor Touch OCS Hardware User ManualMAN0465
500OCX40424VDC Bipolar Digital In; 10-28VDC, 0.5A Sourcing Digital Out; 10VDC/20mA Analog In/Out Data SheetMAN0504
500OCX00324VDC Bipolar Digital In; 24VDC, 0.5A Sourcing Digital Out; 10VDC/20mA Analog In/Out Data SheetMAN0556
500OCX510Mixed I/O Module Data SheetMAN0574
500VIM400Video Capture Option for SVGA Color Touch OCS Data SheetMAN0583
500OCS048, 500OCS078, 500RCS078Temperature I/O Module Data SheetMAN0709
500OCX00124VDC Bipolar Digital In; 10-28VDC, 0.5A Sourcing Digital Out; 10VDC/20mA Analog In/Out Data SheetMAN0750
500OCS02224VDC Bipolar Digital In; 3amp Relay Digital Out; Thermistor/5V/20mA In; 10VDC/20mA Analog In/Out Data SheetMAN0758
500232485OCS RS-232 to RS485 Serial Adapter Data SheetMAN0847
Mini HardwareMini Hardware User ManualMAN0305
Mini I/OMini I/O Module User ManualMAN0581
DeviceNetDeviceNet Implementation Using Control Station ModulesSUP0326
SmartMod Series
359DIQ516SmartMod Digital Input/Output Module Data SheetMAN0289
359ISO100SmartMod RS485 Isolator/Repeater Data SheetMAN0290
IC300OCS028Mixed I/O Module Data SheetMAN0774
359ADC107, 359ADC207SmartMod +/-10V Analog Input Module Data SheetMAN0837
359DAC007, 359DAC107SmartMod Analog Output Module Data SheetMAN0838
359DAC201SmartMod Analog Output Module Data SheetMAN0839
359RTD100SmartMod RTD Input Module Data SheetMAN0840
359THM100, 359THM200SmartMod Thermocouple Input Module Data SheetMAN0841
359DIM610SmartMod DC Digital Input Module Data SheetMAN0842
359DIQ512SmartMod Digital Input/Output Module Data SheetMAN0844
359ADC120, 359ADC220SmartMod 20 mA Analog Input Module Data SheetMAN0845
SmartStack Series
800DIM210SmartStack12/24 VDC Input Module Data SheetMAN0228
800DQM202SmartStackRelay Output Module Data SheetMAN0230
800DIQ617SmartStackMixed DC I/O Module Data SheetMAN0231
800DIQ612SmartStackMixed I/O Module Data SheetMAN0232
800DIQ624SmartStackAC Input/AC Output Module Data SheetMAN0233
800DAC001, 800DAC101SmartStack+/- 10V Analog Output Module Data SheetMAN0238
800DAC002, 800DAC102SmartStack4-20 mA Analog Output Module Data SheetMAN0239
800DIQ616SmartStackMixed DC I/O Module Data SheetMAN0256
800MIX011, 800MIX111SmartStack+/-10V Analog Input/Output Module Data SheetMAN0257
800MIX022, 800MIX122SmartStack4-20 mA Analog Input/Output Module Data SheetMAN0258
800STP100SmartStackStepper Positioning Module Data SheetMAN0270
800HSC601SmartStackHigh Speed Counter Data SheetMAN0273
800ASC100SmartStackHigh Soeed Communication Port Data SheetMAN0275
800DIQ935SmartStackHigh Density Mixed DC I/O Module Data SheetMAN0285
800MIX901SmartStack24VDC Bipolar Digital In; 10-28VDC 0.5A Sourcing Digital Out Data SheetMAN0291
800DIQ712SmartStackMixed I/O Module Data SheetMAN0316
800DIQ622SmartStackAC Input/AC Output Module Data SheetMAN0337
800ETN100, 800ETN116SmartStackEthernet Communications Module Data SheetMAN0341
800ACM200SmartStackAC Power Monitor Data SheetMAN0351
800MIX963SmartStackTemperature I/O Module Data SheetMAN0353
800MIX904SmartStack24VDC Bipolar Digital In; 10-28VDC 0.5A Sinking Digital Out Data SheetMAN0366
800MIX912SmartStack24VDC Bipolar Digital In; 10-28VDC 0.5A Sourcing Digital Out; 20mA Isolated Analog In/Out Data SheetMAN0370
800DQM902SmartStackRelay Output Module Data SheetMAN0371
800DIQ627SmartStackAC Input/AC Output Module Data SheetMAN0408
800MIX905SmartStack24VDC Bipolar Digital In; 3 amp Relay Digital Out; Thermistor In; 10VDC Analog Out Data SheetMAN0427
800RCS210, 800RCS250LX Series Remote Control Station Data SheetMAN0432
800MIX126SmartStack4-20mA Analog Input/Output Module Data SheetMAN0455
800MIX906SmartStack24VDC Bipolar Digital In; 10-28VDC 0.5A Sourcing Digital Out; 0-20mA Sourcing Analog In/Out Data SheetMAN0456
800DNT450SmartStackDeviceNet Master Data SheetMAN0463
800THM200SmartStack8 Channel Thermocouple Millivolt Input Module Data SheetMAN0474
800DIQ937SmartStackHigh Density Mixed DC I/O Module Data SheetMAN0475
800MIX211SmartStack+/-10V Analog Isolated Input/Output Module Data SheetMAN0481
800DQM303SmartStackIsolated Digital Outputs Data SheetMAN0544
800COM650SmartStackCANOpen Master Data SheetMAN0626
800COM600SmartStackCANOpen Slave Data SheetMAN0627
800DNS600SmartStackDeviceNet Slave Communications Data SheetMAN0629
800PBS600SmartStackProfibus DP Slave Communications Data SheetMAN0631
800WCM802SmartStackWireless Communications Data SheetMAN0739
800ETN200, 800ETN300SmartStackEthernet Communications Data SheetMAN0741
800DQM904SmartStackAC Output Module Data SheetMAN0764
800DMX100SmartStackLighting Control Interface Data SheetMAN0765
800DAC102SmartStack0-100 mA Analog Output Module Data SheetMAN0777
200WCM910, 800WCM900SmartStackWireless Communications Module Data SheetMAN0783
200DIM420SmartStix 125VDC Input Module Data SheetMAN0791
200DQM302SmartStix Relay Output Module Data SheetMAN0792
800GCM911SmartStackMixed Inputs/Outputs Data SheetMAN0813
800ADC020, 800ADC120SmartStack Data SheetMAN1253
800ADC140SmartStack Data SheetMAN1254
800ADC920SmartStack Thermistor, Current, Voltage Analog Input Module Data SheetMAN1255
800JCM100SmartStackEngine Interface Module User ManualMAN0460
800JCM200SmartStackSAE J1939 Communication Module User ManualMAN0484
800JCM205SmartStackSAE J1939 Communication Module User ManualMAN0546
800COM650, 800COS600SmartStackCANOpen Master/Slave User ManualMAN0576
DMX200SmartStackDMX200 Master Module User ManualMAN0615
800WCM802, 800WCM900SmartStackWireless Communication / OEM RF Modem User ManualMAN0789
800HSC600/601, 820HSC600/601, 500OCS033/063, 500OCS034/064, 500RCS063/064SmartStack/MiniOCS/MiniRCS High Speed Counter User ManualSUP0776
SmartStix Series
550DIM610SmartStix 24VDC Input Module Data SheetMAN0511
550DIM710SmartStix 24VDC Input Module Data SheetMAN0512
550DQM601SmartStix Digital Outputs Data SheetMAN0513
550DQM701, 559DQM701, 559DQM706SmartStix 32 Digital Outputs Data SheetMAN0514
550DQM602SmartStix Relay Output Module Data SheetMAN0515
550DIQ811SmartStix Mixed DC I/O Module Data SheetMAN0517
350DIM610/710, 350DQM601/701, 350DQM602/702SmartStix Modbus User ManualMAN0521
400(409)DQM601/606, 400(409)DQM701/706, 400(409)DIM610/710, 400(409)DIQ811/816, 400(409)DQM602SmartStix DeviceNet User ManualMAN0522
400DIM610, 409DIM610SmartStix 24VDC Input Module Data SheetMAN0523
400DIM710, 409DIM710SmartStix 24VDC Input Module Data SheetMAN0524
400DQM601, 409DQM601SmartStix 16 Digital Outputs Data SheetMAN0525
400DQM701, 409DQM701SmartStix 32 Digital Outputs Data SheetMAN0526
400DQM602, 409DQM602SmartStix Relay Output Module Data SheetMAN0527
400DIQ811, 409DIQ811SmartStix Mixed DC I/O Module Data SheetMAN0528
450DIM610SmartStix 24VDC Input Module Data SheetMAN0529
450DIM710SmartStix 24VDC Input Module Data SheetMAN0530
450DQM601SmartStix Digital Outputs Data SheetMAN0531
450DQM701, 459DQM701, 459DQM706SmartStix 32 Digital Outputs Data SheetMAN0532
450DQM602SmartStix Relay Output Module Data SheetMAN0533
450DIQ811SmartStix Mixed DC I/O Module Data SheetMAN0534
350DIM610SmartStix 24VDC Input Module Data SheetMAN0535
350DIM710SmartStix 24VDC Input Module Data SheetMAN0536
350DQM601SmartStix Digital Outputs Data SheetMAN0537
350DQM701SmartStix Digital Outputs Data SheetMAN0538
350DQM602SmartStix Relay Output Module Data SheetMAN0539
350DIQ811SmartStix Mixed DC I/O Module Data SheetMAN0540
559DAC207SmartStix Analog Output Module Data SheetMAN0559
550(559)DQM601/606, 550(559)DQM701/706, 550(559)DIM610/710, 550(559)DIQ811/816, 550(559)DQM602SmartStix CsCAN User ManualMAN0519
450(459)DQM601/606, 450(459)DQM701/706, 450(459)DIM610/710, 450(459)DIQ811/816, 450(459)DQM602SmartStix Profibus User ManualMAN0520