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All-Inclusive Controller BookletAll-Inclusive Controller BookletHA-366
XL Series & RCC Series OCS ControllersXL & RCC Series OCS Comparison BrochureHA-102
Micro OCS SeriesMicro OCS Series OCS Comparison BrochureHA-294
Remote I/O SeriesRemote I/O Comparison Brochure HA-338
OCS ControllersApp Guide for Updating Firmware on OCSMAN1011
XL Prime Series
XLW PrimeXLW Prime User ManualMAN1256
HE-XPLW1E0XLW Prime Model 0 DatasheetMAN1332
HE-XPLW1E2XLW Prime Model 2 DatasheetMAN1333
HE-XPLW1E3XLW Prime Model 3 DatasheetMAN1334
HE-XPLW1E4XLW Prime Model 4 DatasheetMAN1335
HE-XPLW1E5XLW Prime Model 5 DatasheetMAN1336
HE-XPLW1E6XLW Prime Model 6 DatasheetMAN1337
XL6 PrimeXL6 Prime User ManualMAN1032
HE-XPL1E0XL6 Prime Model 0 DatasheetMAN1326
HE-XPL1E2XL6 Prime Model 2 DatasheetMAN1327
HE-XPL1E3XL6 Prime Model 3 DatasheetMAN1328
HE-XPL1E4XL6 Prime Model 4 DatasheetMAN1329
HE-XPL1E5XL6 Prime Model 5 DatasheetMAN1330
HE-XPL1E6XL6 Prime Model 6 DatasheetMAN1331
XL4 PrimeXL4 Prime User ManualMAN0964
HE-XPC1E0XL4 Prime Model 0 DatasheetMAN1319
HE-XPC1E2XL4 Prime Model 2 DatasheetMAN1320
HE-XPC1E3XL4 Prime Model 3 DatasheetMAN1321
HE-XPC1E4XL4 Prime Model 4 DatasheetMAN1322
HE-XPC1E5XL4 Prime Model 5 DatasheetMAN1323
HE-XPC1E6XL4 Prime Model 6 DatasheetMAN1324
XL Series
XL SeriesXL Series Firmware Restore ManualMAN1141
XL15+XL15+ Firmware Restore ManualMAN1150
XL15+XL15+ Sales SheetHA-274
XL15+XL15+ Quick Reference GuideMAN1124
XL15+XL15+ User ManualMAN1106
XL15+XL15+ Panel Cutout DrawingMAN1108
HE-XP7E0XL15+ Model 0 DatasheetMAN1107
HE-XP7E2XL15+ Model 2 DatasheetMAN1125
HE-XP7E3XL15+ Model 3 DatasheetMAN1126
HE-XP7E4XL15+ Model 4 DatasheetMAN1127
HE-XP7E5XL15+ Model 5 DatasheetMAN1128
HE-XP7E6XL15+ Model 6 DatasheetMAN1129
EXL10EXL10 Sales SheetHA-129
EXL10EXL10 Quick Reference GuideMAN1197
EXL10EXL10 User ManualMAN1029
EXV1E0EXL10 Model 0 DatasheetMAN1185
EXV1E2EXL10 Model 2 DatasheetMAN1186
EXV1E3EXL10 Model 3 DatasheetMAN1187
EXV1E4EXL10 Model 4 DatasheetMAN1188
EXV1E5EXL10 Model 5 DatasheetMAN1189
EXV1E6EXL10 Model 6 DatasheetMAN1190
XL7XL7 Sales SheetHA-103
XL7XL7 Quick Reference GuideMAN1195
XL7XL7 User ManualMAN0974
HE-XW1E0XL7 Model 0 DatasheetMAN1161
HE-XW1E2XL7 Model 2 DatasheetMAN1162
HE-XW1E3XL7 Model 3 DatasheetMAN1163
HE-XW1E4XL7 Model 4 DatasheetMAN1164
HE-XW1E5XL7 Model 5 DatasheetMAN1165
HE-XW1E6XL7 Model 6 DatasheetMAN1166
XL7Configuring Video Object for XL7MAN1017
XL7Installing XL7 in QX451 Panel CutoutMAN1007
EXLWEXLW Sales SheetHA-330
EXLWEXLW Quick Reference GuideMAN1268
EXLWEXLW User ManualMAN1256
HE-EXLWE0EXLW Model 0 DatasheetMAN1257
HE-EXLWE2EXLW Model 2 DatasheetMAN1258
HE-EXLWE3EXLW Model 3 DatasheetMAN1259
HE-EXLWE4EXLW Model 4 DatasheetMAN1260
HE-EXLWE5EXLW Model 5 DatasheetMAN1261
HE-EXLWE6EXLW Model 6 Datasheet MAN1262
EXL6EXL6 Sales SheetHA-150
EXL6EXL6 Quick Reference GuideMAN1196
EXL6EXL6 User ManualMAN1032
HE-EXL1E0EXL6 Model 0 DatasheetMAN1168
HE-EXL1E2EXL6 Model 2 DatasheetMAN1169
HE-EXL1E3EXL6 Model 3 DatasheetMAN1170
HE-EXL1E4EXL6 Model 4 DatasheetMAN1171
HE-EXL1E5EXL6 Model 5 DatasheetMAN1172
HE-EXL1E6EXL6 Model 6 DatasheetMAN1173
XL4XL4 Sales SheetHA104
XL4XL4 Quick Reference GuideMAN1136
XL4XL4 User ManualMAN0964
HE-XC1E0XL4 Model 0 DatasheetMAN1143
HE-XC1E2XL4 Model 2 DatasheetMAN1144
HE-XC1E3XL4 Model 3 DatasheetMAN1145
HE-XC1E4XL4 Model 4 DatasheetMAN1146
HE-XC1E5XL4 Model 5 DatasheetMAN1147
HE-XC1E6XL4 Model 6 DatasheetMAN1148
XLTeXLTe Sales SheetHA-289
XLTeXLTe Quick Reference GuideMAN1122
XLTeXLTe User ManualMAN0878
HE-XT1E0XLTe Model 0 DatasheetMAN1112
HE-XT1E2XLTe Model 2 DatasheetMAN1113
HE-XT1E3XLTe Model 3 DatasheetMAN1114
HE-XT1E4XLTe Model 4 DatasheetMAN1115
HE-XT1E5XLTe Model 5 DatasheetMAN1116
HE-XT1E6XLTe Model 6 DatasheetMAN1117
XLEeXLEe Sales SheetHA-288
XLEeXLEe Quick Reference GuideMAN1122
XLEeXLEe User ManualMAN0878
HE-XE1E0XLEe Model 0 DatasheetMAN1112
HE-XE1E2XLEe Model 2 DatasheetMAN1113
HE-XE1E3XLEe Model 3 DatasheetMAN1114
HE-XE1E4XLEe Model 4 DatasheetMAN1115
HE-XE1E5XLEe Model 5 DatasheetMAN1116
HE-XE1E6XLEe Model 6 DatasheetMAN1117
XLTXLT Sales SheetHA-289
XLTXLT Quick Reference GuideMAN1122
XLTXLT User ManualMAN0878
HE-XT100XLT Model 0 DatasheetMAN1112
HE-XT102XLT Model 2 DatasheetMAN1113
HE-XT103XLT Model 3 DatasheetMAN1114
HE-XT104XLT Model 4 DatasheetMAN1115
HE-XT105XLT Model 5 DatasheetMAN1116
HE-XT106XLT Model 6 DatasheetMAN1117
XLEXLE Sales SheetHA-288
XLEXLE Quick Reference GuideMAN1122
XLEXLE User ManualMAN0878
HE-XE100XLE Model 0 DatasheetMAN1112
HE-XE102XLE Model 2 DatasheetMAN1113
HE-XE103XLE Model 3 DatasheetMAN1114
HE-XE104XLE Model 4 DatasheetMAN1115
HE-XE105XLE Model 5 DatasheetMAN1116
HE-XE106XLE Model 6 DatasheetMAN1117
Micro Series
HE-X10A, HE-X10RX10 Sales SheetHA-340
HE-X10A, HE-X10RX10 Quick Reference GuideMAN1279
HE-X10A, HE-X10RX10 User ManualMAN1277
HE-X10A, HE-X10RX10 Data SheetMAN1278
HE-X7A, HE-X7RX7 Sales SheetHA-322
HE-X7A, HE-X7RX7 Quick Reference GuideMAN1157
HE-X7A, HE-X7RX7 User ManualMAN1155
HE-X7A, HE-X7RX7 DatasheetMAN1156
HE-X5X5 Sales SheetHA-209
HE-X5X5 Quick Reference GuideMAN1210
HE-X5X5 User ManualMAN1039
HE-X5X5 DatasheetMAN1040
HE-X4A, HE-X4RX4 Sales SheetHA-277
HE-X4A, HE-X4RX4 Quick Reference GuideMAN1139
HE-X4A, HE-X4RX4 User ManualMAN1137
HE-X4A, HE-X4RX4 DatasheetMAN1138
HE-X2A, HE-X2RX2 Sales SheetHA-279
HE-X2A, HE-X2RX2 Quick Reference GuideMAN1132
HE-X2A, HE-X2RX2 User ManualMAN1130
HE-X2A, HE-X2RX2 DatasheetMAN1131
RCC Series
RCC SeriesRCC Sales SheetHA-192
RCC SeriesRCC User ManualMAN1078
HE-RCC972, HE-RCC8842, HE-RCC2414, HE-RCC1410RCC Series Quick Reference GuideMAN1201
HE-RCC972RCC972 DatasheetMAN1200
HE-RCC1410RCC1410 DatasheetMAN1034
HE-RCC2414RCC2414 DatasheetMAN1033
HE-RCC8842RCC8842 DatasheetMAN1073
HE-RCC6512, RCC6512RCC6512 Sales SheetHA-332
HE-RCC6512, RCC6512RCC6512 Datasheet MAN1134
HE-RCC6512, RCC6512RCC6512 User Manual MAN1133
HE-RCC6512, RCC6512RCC6512 Quick Reference Guide MAN1192
HE-CX116, HECX250, HE-CX251RCX Series Sales SheetHA-108
HE-CX116, HECX250, HE-CX251RCX Series DatasheetMAN0920
Misc Controllers & Software
I/O SimulatorI/O Simulator DatasheetMAN1302
HE-RX371RX371 Sales SheetHA-111
HE-RX371RX371 User ManualMAN0924
HE-RX371RX371 DatasheetMAN0925
NX SeriesNX Series Sales SheetHA-117
NX SeriesNX Series User ManualMAN0781
NX SeriesNX Series DatasheetMAN0779
QX SeriesQX Series Sales SheetHA-110
HE-QX351HE-QX351 User ManualMAN0892
HE-QX451, HE-QX551, HE-QX651HE-QX451, HE-QX551, HE-QX651 User ManualMAN0798
HE-QX751HE-QX751 User ManualMAN0890
HE-QX351HE-QX351 DatasheetMAN0893
HE-QX451, HE-QX551, HE-QX651 HE-QX451, HE-QX551, HE-QX651 DatasheetMAN0797
HE-QX751HE-QX751 DatasheetMAN0889
HE-QX501HE-QX501 DatasheetMAN0967
HE-XZ452, HE-XZ752, HE-XZ1152ZX Sales SheetHA-107
HE-XZ452, HE-XZ752, HE-XZ1152ZX User ManualMAN1018
HE-XZ452, HE-XZ752, HE-XZ1152ZX DatasheetMAN0960
XL10eXL10e User ManualMAN0883
XL10e (HE-XV1E0, HE-XV1E2, HE-XV1E3, HE-XV1E4, HE-XV1E5, HE-XV1E6)XL10e DatasheetMAN0945
XL6eXL6e User ManualMAN0883
XL6e (HE-XL1E0)XL6e Model 0 DatasheetMAN0884
XL6e (HE-XL1E2)XL6e Model 2 DatasheetMAN0885
XL6e (HE-XL1E3, HE-XL1E4)XL6e Model 3, Model 4 DatasheetMAN0886
XL6e (HE-XL1E5)XL6e Model 5 DatasheetMAN0887
Classic OCS User ManualClassic OCS User ManualMAN0227
HE500OCS100, HE500OCS110, Classic OCS 100, 110 DatasheetMAN0416
HE500OCS200, HE500OCS210Classic OCS 200, 210 DatasheetMAN0429
WebMIWebMI Sales SheetHA-174
WebMIWebMI User ManualMAN1036
WebMIWebMI Overview White PaperHA-184
WebMIWebMI IOT White PaperHA-182
WebMIWebMI Case StudyHA-194
EnvisionRVEnvisionRV Sales SheetHA-114
EnvisionFXEnvisionFX Sales SheetHA-115
Remote I/O
SmartBlock SeriesSmartBlock Sales SheetHA-113
HE569DQM209HE569DQM209 DatasheetMAN0940
HE579ACM300HE579ACM300 DatasheetMAN1229
HE579RTDx00HE579RTDx00 DatasheetMAN1239
HE579MIX102HE579MIX102 DatasheetMAN1241
HE579ACM302HE579ACM302 DatasheetMAN1243
HE579DACx07HE579DACx07 DatasheetMAN0965
HE579MIXx77HE579MIXx77 DatasheetMAN1224
HE579MIX105HE579MIX105 DatasheetMAN1247
HE579DIQ88xHE579DIQ88x DatasheetMAN0980
HE579THM100, HE579THM200HE579THMx00_DatasheetMAN1226
HE579ADCx70HE579ADCx70 DatasheetMAN1245
HE359DIQ516HE359DIQ516 DatasheetMAN0289
HE359ADCx07HE359ADCx07 DatasheetMAN0837
HE359DACx07HE359DACx07 DatasheetMAN0838
HE359DAC201HE359DAC201 DatasheetMAN0839
HE359RTD100HE359RTD100 DatasheetMAN0840
HE359THMx00HE359THMx00 DatasheetMAN0841
HE359DIM610HE359DIM610 DatasheetMAN0842
HE359DIQ512HE359DIQ512 DatasheetMAN0844
HE359ADCx20HE359ADCx20 DatasheetMAN1249
SmartRail – BasesSmartRail Sales SheetHA-105
HE599ETX200HE599ETX200 DatasheetMAN0930
HE599CNX100HE599CNX100 DatasheetMAN0942
HE599COS100HE599COS100 DatasheetMAN0976
HE599ETX300HE599ETX300 DatasheetMAN1010
HE599PBX100HE599PBX100 DatasheetMAN0939
SmartRail – ModulesSmartRail Sales SheetHA-105
HE533ADC170HE599ADC170 DatasheetMAN1251
HE599DAC10xHE599DAC10x DatasheetMAN0932
HE599DIMx10HE599DIMx10 DatasheetMAN0933
HE599DQMxx2HE599DQMxx2 DatasheetMAN0934
HE599DQMx06HE599DQMx06 DatasheetMAN0935
HE599MIX116HE599MIX116 DatasheetMAN1252
HE599RTD100HE599RTD100 DatasheetMAN0937
HE599THM100HE599THM100 DatasheetMAN0938
SmartStack – Metal & PlasticSmartStack Sales SheetHA-109
HEADC110, HE800ADC110HEADC110, HE800ADC110 DatasheetMAN0234
HEADC120, HE800ADC120HEADC120, HE800ADC120 DatasheetMAN1253
HERTD100, HE800RTD100HERTD100, HE800RTD100 DatasheetMAN0236
HETHM100, HE800THM100HETHM100, HE800THM100 DatasheetMAN0237
HEHSC600, HE800HSC600HEHSC600, HE800HSC600 DatasheetMAN0265
HEDIQ716, HE800DIQ716HEDIQ716, HE800DIQ716 DatasheetMAN0268
HEMIX902, HE800MIX902HEMIX902, HE800MIX902 DatasheetMAN0292
HEDIQ722, HE800DIQ722HEDIQ722, HE800DIQ722 DatasheetMAN0315
HEDIQ712, HE800DIQ712HEDIQ712, HE800DIQ712 DatasheetMAN0316
HEADC920, HE800ADC920HEADC920, HE800ADC920 DatasheetMAN1255
HEDIM310, HE800DIM310, HEDIM410, HE800DIM410HEDIM310, HE800DIM310, HEDIM410, HE800DIM410 DatasheetMAN0369
HEDQM306, HE800DQM306, HEDQM406, HE800DQM406HEDQM306, HE800DQM306, HEDQM406, HE800DQM406 DatasheetMAN0372
HEDAC106, HE800DAC106HEDAC106, HE800DAC106 DatasheetMAN0453
SmartStixSmartStix Sales SheetHA-112
HE559ADC970HE559ADC970 DatasheetMAN0557
HE559DIM610, HE559DIM710HE559DIM610, HE559DIM710 DatasheetMAN0895
HE559DQM606, HE559DQM706HE559DQM606, HE559DQM706 DatasheetMAN0896
HE559DQM602HE559DQM602 DatasheetMAN0897
HE559DIQ816HE559DIQ816 DatasheetMAN0898
HE559MIX577, HE559MIX977HE559MIX577, HE559MIX977 DatasheetMAN0899
HE-XDAC007, HE-XDAC107HE-XDAC Specs / Install GuideMAN0954
Misc Supplements & Guides
Data Exchange Using Logix CPU TagsConfiguration & Import Procedure for Logix TagMAN1301
Polycarbonate Chemical CompatibilityHorner APG Polycarbonate Chemical Compatibility OverviewMAN1271
Polyester Chemical CompatibilityHorner APG Polyester Chemical Compatibility OverviewMAN1318
XL Series Ethernet Com Module User ManualXL Series Ethernet Com Module User ManualMAN0817
OCS ControllersApp Guide for Adding Custom Splash Screen to OCSMAN0990
OCS EthernetSupplement for OCS EthernetSUP0740
OCS ControllersWater/Wastewater Case StudyHA-275
HE-XRC3DXLEe XLTe, GSM Modem Com Module DatasheetMAN1076
HE-XRC2Q, HE-XRC2Q-AX Series GSM/GPRS Modem Com Module DatasheetMAN1075
HE-XPBSProfibus DP Slave Option Kit DatasheetMAN0908
XL Series J1939 User ManualXL-J1939 User ManualMAN0913
HE500RUK100USB A Receptacle KitMAN0952
HE-SQ0, HE-SQ1, HE-SQ2, HE-SQ3Spark QuenchersMAN0962
Thermistor SupplementThermistor SupplementSUP0797
BACnet User ManualBACnet User ManualMAN0983
Wi-Fi, WIFI, HE-WIFIUSB, Horner Wi-FiHorner Wi-Fi DatasheetMAN1233
Wi-Fi, WIFI, HE-WIFIUSB, Horner Wi-FiHorner Wi-Fi User ManualMAN1234
XL Series, RCC Series Rechargeable Battery FirmwareXL and RCC Series Rechargeable Battery User ManualMAN1142
BACnetBACnet Manual MAN0983
Cscape PID Quick Start GuidePID Quick Start Guide MAN1014
MQTT SupplementMQTT SupplementMAN1303