Aug 14 2017

Tech Tips – Using Function Keys and Touchscreen Buttons

In this tutorial, we’re going to build upon work from a previous session where we drew a start-stop circuit to illustrate how to build ladder logic using Cscape. In this session, we’re going to show you how to use function keys and touchscreen push buttons to replicate the functionality of hard-wired push buttons.

Aug 7 2017

Tech Tips – Debugging Your Program

In this session, we’re going to review the procedures for debugging your program. Debugging is the process in which you monitor the program in real time and determine whether it is working properly and then by utilizing the tools imbedded in Cscape, you can make corrections as needed.

Jul 31 2017

Tech Tips – Cscape Setup

In this video, we’re going to set up Cscape 9.7 for the first time. To prepare, we’ve previously lodaded Cscape from and executed the install program – Cscape is now fully installed and open with a default project. After a clean install of Cscape, in the video you’ll discover what you see:  just the

Jul 10 2017

Tech Tips – How to Connect Cscape

In this video, we’ll show you how to establish communications between your computer and an OCS using a USB to Serial adapter. These provide very reliable communications and are compatible with just about all OCS models from the entry level on up. As not all USB adapters are created equal, we highly recommend you use

Jul 1 2017

Horner Automaton is Softening Up

HORNER AUTOMATION IS SOFTENING UP For over 20 years Horner Automation has been known as a company that produces strong engineered hardware solutions. Customers and potential customers see us as a company that makes our OCS (Operator Control Station) all-in-one controllers, I/O solutions and communications products. In fact, as the originator of the all-in-one design,

Aug 25 2016

Horner OCS/Motion Hands-On Training

Upcoming Horner OCS/Motion Training January 19-22, 2016. Let's take a brief look back at our October 2015 program. Horner's next OCS/Motion training is scheduled for January 19-22, 2016. Registration is limited and spaces are filling fast.  Technicians, customers, distributors, sales representatives, and engineers are able to familiarize themselves with Horner OCS systems in the same