Jun 25 2015

LIVE YouTube Events

YOUTUBE LIVE PLAYLIST  - At Horner Automation Group, we strive to bring you the most up-to-date technology in industrial automation products. In 2021, we have turned our training online. Each month we host weekly LIVE Q & A Events, along with 1 or 2 regular, more in-depth webinars. Check out our YouTube channel for past

Aug 25 2016

Horner OCS/Motion Hands-On Training

Upcoming Horner OCS/Motion Training January 19-22, 2016. Let's take a brief look back at our October 2015 program. Horner's next OCS/Motion training is scheduled for January 19-22, 2016. Registration is limited and spaces are filling fast.  Technicians, customers, distributors, sales representatives, and engineers are able to familiarize themselves with Horner OCS systems in the same

Jul 5 2017

Know the Benefits of Industrial Automation

KNOW THE BENEFITS OF INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION The idea of automation has a history of making workers uneasy. When some people hear "automation," they think "layoffs," but the truth is that automation makes their jobs easier and increases productivity. In fact, when automation is added to an existing manufacturing workforce, productivity rises by 2% on an

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