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Nov 29 2023

Integrating Infranor Servos with Horner OCS

Here at Horner, we get plenty of requests for details on integrating servo systems with the Horner OCS All-in-one Controllers. For today’s Livestream, we are joined by Infranor - a servo manufacturer of motors and drives with a terrific product offering. During today’s session - we will provide everything a system designer needs to know

Nov 27 2023

Exchanging OCS data with Ignition using MQTT Sparkplug

The driving factors behind the development of MQTT Sparkplug include the emergence of web SCADA and the popularity of "push" architectures for publishing machine data. Ignition from Inductive Automation is a web SCADA solution which has embraced MQTT Sparkplug in a big way. In this Livestream we will demonstrate each step in the process of

Nov 8 2023

Precision Timing Using the Horner OCS High-Speed Counter

During our Halloween special, we had a lot of fun dropping pumpkins from the roof of our Horner USA facility. Even though that particular video was just a fun spoof - there was some worthwhile application programming behind the silliness. In this Livestream we will demonstrate the Horner OCS High-Speed Counter executing precision timing functions.


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