Due to the ongoing COVID-19 concerns, Horner Automation has suspended all in-person Training sessions for the remainder of 2020, replacing them with Complimentary Online Webinars.

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OCS Training

Horner OCS training classes are available at a minimal cost to our customers. The workshop is a hands-on, laboratory course that introduces OCS products. It is ideal for customers, distributors, sales people, application engineers, and others who are familiar with programmable controllers in general, but not Horner OCS in particular.

See below schedules for Standard OCS factory, Advanced OCS, or off-site training held at an authorized Horner Distributor. Class space is limited and availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • Please bring a laptop. You will be using it for instruction and programming. Digital copies of materials will be issued on a USB drive.
  • This is structured as a programming class. General knowledge of how Relay Ladder Logic works is a pre-requisite.
  • Extensive troubleshooting of existing programs ARE NOT part of the standard class agenda. This class operates under the assumption that you have the capabilities to write programming language from scratch.

For a complete listing of dates and locations for Canadian training courses, please contact info@hornercanada.com

**Registration costs start at $150.00 USD.


POSTPONEDOCS Controllers, AdvancedIndianapolis, IN (HQ/Factory)Click Here to Email Horner MarketingEstimated 2021
POSTPONEDOCS Controllers, StandardIndianapolis, IN (HQ/Factory)Click Here to Email Horner MarketingEstimated 2021

Indianapolis Standard OCS Training Schedule – BRING A LAPTOP!

  • Day 1: (8:30AM – 4PM) Workshop on Cscape Software Basics
    On day one, learn about Horner and the OCS controllers in general. Brief refreshers on bit, word, double-word, and floating point data formats get thrown into the mix with learning controller configuration, basic Relay Ladder Logic entry, and simple screen generation via the Cscape software. Hands-on laboratory workshops, interspersed with lectures on new material, allow time to learn the labs and test logic, screens, etc. as the material is being taught. This training is for individuals with a basic knowledge of PLCs and Relay Ladder Logic in general.
  • Day 2: (8:30AM – 4PM) CsCAN Networking and Graphics Introduction
    On day two, learn about some of the most useful functions available in Cscape programming. Then, on to the basics of CsCAN and Ethernet communications, to include configuration and use of expansion I/O.  Cscape Graphics training is next, where you will learn and get to play with many of the things you can do on the touchscreens. Once you get a few things figured out on the screens, let us show you our WebMI feature, where those screens automatically become a web page viewable on your PC or mobile phone! This training is for individuals with a basic knowledge of OCS products, prior OCS programming experience, and/or those who attended the first day of training.
  • Day 3: (8:30AM – 1PM) Advanced Features of the Touch Panels (1/2 Day Class)
    Day three of class continues with training on graphic alarms, trending, datalogging, and anything not completed during the previous day’s class. Time allowing, requests are taken for subjects to go over that were not covered in this training class, or extended coverage of those that were.


We are excited to offer our Advanced OCS Training course. We are inviting an exclusive group of applications specialists, advanced users, and other Horner champions within your organization to join us for this special training. Building upon our Standard Quarterly OCS Training, this advanced course is designed for more technically driven team members looking to further expand their knowledge base with Horner hardware and software and key product features.


Usually a 2-Day course (8:30 AM – 4:00 PM daily), we cover the following topics/points:

  • OCS Industrial Ethernet Protocols
    • Modbus TCP functionality (Master/Slave)
    • Ethernet IP Functionality
      • OCS as an Ethernet IP I/O Device
      • OCS as Ethernet IP HMI (Logix Tag Exchange)
    • Ethernet Global Data (EGD) for Controller/Controller Communications
  • OCS Internet Protocols
    • WebMI
    • Sending Email
    • FTP File Transfer
    • Introduction to Internet Protocols
  • OCS CAN Functionality – including
    • CsCAN
    • CANopen
    • J1939
    • DeviceNet Master
  • OCS Advanced Applications
  • 2020/2021 Hardware & Software Roadmap
    • Features in both Hardware and Software
  • Open Application Session
    • Opportunity to Discuss Additional Topics by Request

Additional Information & Directions

    Horner APG, LLC. – Horner Automation Group Training Facility
    59 South State Ave.
    Indianapolis, IN 46201
    Complimentary breakfast, snacks, lunches, and one dinner included
  2. TRAVEL:
    Airline and hotel arrangements are the responsibility of each attendee. Shuttle service from airport to hotel (Holiday Inn Express City Centre) is available via Express Travel for $12 one-way. Be sure to book a reservation in advance on their site or call (800) 589-6004 to learn more. Horner APG provides transportation between the Holiday Inn Express City Centre and the Training Workshop for those who need it.


Horner APG, LLC has a discounted rate at the Holiday Inn Express City Centre-downtown Indianapolis. To receive the discounted rate at $104 plus tax, please contact the hotel’s corporate sales manager, Chrissy Johnston, directly to book your room: (317) 829-1454. Reserve your discounted room rate today! For further information, please contact Sales at: (317) 916-4274.

Holiday Inn Express City Centre
410 South Missouri Street
Indianapolis, IN 46255
Chrissy Johnston
Corporate Sales Manager
Ph: (317) 829-1454 (mention Horner Rate for OCS Training)
Fax: (317) 822-4100