Oct 19 2022

Shriram Automation

"The best thing about HORNER OCS is the All-in-One solution. Its compact build makes it very easy to install in a panel (space saving). The single OCS is able to handle Logic, Communication, Removeable media, and Graphics simultaneously. The programming software is very user friendly and only a single software is used for programming logics

Aug 18 2022

Control Sales

"My company is Control Sales. I do mostly upgrade / retrofit designs for older machines. I just finished my 1st project with an X2. A little bit of a learning curve, having been spoiled by the XL4 &XL7. But once I figured out how best to use the soft buttons and design the screens efficiently,

Apr 11 2022


“I have worked at Honeywell as a Technology Specialist until my retirement several years ago.  During the last 15 years of my career, I designed and built a number of small processing stations utilizing vacuum, UHV and high temperatures. Several generations of Horner PLC's were the centerpiece of these systems. My reasons for choosing Horner

Apr 11 2022


“We found the supplied products are trustworthy along with on time delivery; Technical Support and Training. These are getting used in Process Equipment and SPMs widely used in Healthcare Sector, produced by us. The Report Editor Tool for Online Printing is most liked feature by us in the overall scenario and appreciated by our users


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