Application Notes

Catalog of tutorials to apply, extend, and integrate Horner products in your application environment.

– Application note from Power/mation controlling an ABB VFD using Modbus TCP on the new Horner X10!

   – Application Note – Using 900MHz Radio Communications

  – CONVERTING From the OCS250 to the NX250/251/252

  – New Product Bulletin – DeviceNet Scanner Communications SmartStack Module

  – Connecting the LX Series OCS to an Ethernet Network

  – CAN Networks Using Horner Products

  – Utilizing the CANOpen Master – HE-COM650

– Using OCS Modbus Ethernet TCP to communicate with Emerson Control Techniques Epsilon EP drive

  – Garmin GPS to XLe Application Note

  – SMS Messaging on the XL Series Controller

  – Hot-Backup Operator Control Station (OCS) for High Availability Systems