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We are back LIVE! Join Chuck & Casey every Tuesday on our YouTube Channel to learn more Tricks-of-the-Trade.

Tuesday, Nov. 2 – 2:00 pm (EST) – How To: Data Parsing Instructions in Cscape

There are still plenty of common control applications where data parsing is required.  Bar Code Readers, ASCII Ethernet protocols, J1939 PGN Data packets – these are all examples where the data received must be manipulated significantly to get into its desired form.  In this session we’ll show you which logic instructions are ideal for manipulating and parsing data.

Tuesday, Nov. 9 – 2:00 pm (EST) – Analog Filtering Techniques

Analog inputs often provide critical information that is required to properly control a machine or process.  Analog Filtering techniques can be used by the control engineer to ensure that the data received in that signal accurately reflects the information desired.  During this session we’ll explore various analog filtering techniques in Cscape that can help get the job done.

Tuesday, Nov. 16 – 2:00 pm (EST) – Hands-on with Ethernet Global Data Protocol

Modbus TCP and Ethernet IP are two Industrial Ethernet Protocols that are widely applied and understood.  Another protocol that is often overlooked is Ethernet Global Data.  This protocol is highly effective at transmitting large blocks of data quickly between controllers – an area in which Modbus TCP does not excel.  In this hands-on session we’ll discuss applications, perform step-by-step configuration, and demonstrate run-time operation of Ethernet Global Data.

Tuesday, Nov. 23 – 2:00 pm (EST) – Using a Custom Font with a Horner OCS Controller

OCS controllers support a variety of fonts in a variety of sizes – with standard Cscape fonts meeting the requirements of most applications.  But what if you need an extra-large font to display data which needs to be visible from a distance?  What if you need to display an unusually large number of characters simultaneously?  These are just a couple of situations where adding a custom font to your project will meet your special requirements.  Join us as we go step-by-step to source, import, and apply custom fonts to an OCS project.


Tuesday, Nov. 30 – 2:00 pm (EST) – Using WebMI as a Large Screen Production Monitor

Manufacturers have learned an important lesson over the years.  If machine operators can monitor progress against production targets – both in quality metrics and in quantity targets – they will consistently exceed those targets.  That’s one of the reasons that large screen televisions displaying those metrics have become common on and above the production floor.  In this session we’ll take you step-by-step as we turn an OCS running WebMI into a cost-effective large screen production monitor.


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