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Dive deeper into the world of Horner Automation – as we introduce new products, go in-depth on software and firmware, showcase updates and more.

During these times, we want to remain as engaged with our customers as we can. To continue to serve you, we will be hosting webinars in place of our in-person training.

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~ Horner Webinar Series ~

YouTube LIVE Events!

Join us Tuesdays in January, at 2:00 pm (EST) on the Horner Automation YouTube Channel, as we go LIVE!

Live Demonstrations

Tuesday, January 12 – Intro to Tag-Based Programming in Cscape

Tuesday, January 19 – RTDs, Thermocouples & Thermisters – Oh My!

Tuesday, January 26 – Count Me In! Connect Encoders to Horner OCS

YouTube Channel Link

January Webinar 2021 ~

Wednesday, January 27, 2:00 pm

Hands-On with MQTT

Join us as we get “hands-on” with the OCS and MQTT.  If you’ve ever considered implementing IIOT in general or a data push architecture in particular – you’ll want to attend this webinar .  We’ll dive in to all the setup details – and fully demonstrate the connectivity between Horner’s All-in-one Controllers and off-the-shelf MQTT Server/Brokers.


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New Product Releases