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Dive deeper into the world of Horner Automation – as we introduce new products, go in-depth on software and firmware, showcase updates and more.

Back by popular demand for 2022, Horner is hosting Live Q&A YouTube events and webinars in addition to our in-person and virtual OCS training.

Events can be watched directly on YouTube, or you can pre-register and watch on BigMarker.

All events are recorded and available on our VIDEO PAGE following the live event.

~ YouTube Events ~

~ MAY ~

We are LIVE in May! Join Chuck & Casey every Tuesday on our YouTube Channel to learn more Tricks-of-the-Trade.

Tuesday, May 3 – 2:00 pm (EST) – Screen Organization in Cscape

The Horner family of OCS All-in-one controllers have always offered the capacity for a large number of user interface screens. Whether it is the Micro OCS with 250 screens, or the XL Series with 1023 screens – more than likely your OCS model supports more than you need. However, if your application does require a large number of screens, how can you keep them organized? Join us this week as we show you the tools that can help you accomplish that.


Tuesday, May 10 – 2:00 pm (EST) – Updated OCS Bootloader Recovery Tools

On rare occasions, things can go wrong during a field firmware update. In those situations, recovery is critical. In this session we will demonstrate our recently updated Recovery Tools that can get you back up and running as soon as possible.


Tuesday, May 17 – 2:00 pm (EST) – OCS User Security

The ability to manage appropriate access levels for multiple users is integral to effective user interface design for machine control. Join us as we demonstrate the facilities available in Cscape for configuring credentials, managing access, and monitoring log-ins.


Tuesday, May 24 – 2:00 pm (EST) – The Cscape Shift Register Instruction

Shift registers are somewhat complex instructions that are not always well understood by novice programmers.  If this session will illustrate a variety of uses for this powerful instruction that you are sure to find informative.


Tuesday, May 31 – 2:00 pm (EST) – Using OCS in a 12VDC Environment

Beyond the lower voltage range, what are the other implications of applying an OCS All-in-one Controller in a 12VDC environment? We will explore this topic in detail so you’ll be ready for your next mobile or other battery powered application.


Tuesday, June 7 – 2:00 pm (EST) – Inside the NEW XL Prime

To the casual eye, differences between the existing XL Series and the new XL Prime are not obvious. In this session we will take a deeper look inside at the technology that makes the XL Prime a significant upgrade over the XL series.


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~ May Webinar ~

Introduction to the Horner Automation OEE Solution Kit

Machine Monitoring – Introduction to the Horner Automation OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) Solution Kit

What is OEE?
• We will discuss what the 6 Big Losses are that represent the effective operating rate and how OEE measures these.
• We will look at OEE -Visualizing-Sending-Analyzing your data to make strategic manufacturing changes for improvement
• This solution product is viable for anyone that is producing products on the manufacturing floor and understands the need for OEE data
• Operators, plant floor and shift managers, production managers and production engineers can benefit most from implementing OEE
• OEE – is an improvement metric, measurement tool that empowers your operators to identify manufacturing availability / production downtime, weaknesses and quality problems. We will also discuss giving the operator the ability for ‘lean manufacturing’ calls for raw material, maintenance or supervision help.
• What options do we offer for OEE – Work Cell data collection units and plant wide data concentrators.
• We will show work-cell visibility and plant visibility, and will talk about future corporate multi-plant visibility

Thursday, May 26, 2 pm (EST)


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