Past Live Videos

Control a SmartMotor with Horner OCS Over CANopen

originally aired 3/21/23

Should You Upgrade to the XL Prime Series?

originally aired 3/14/23

Check Out the Data Find UDFBs in Cscape

originally aired 3/7/23

Using Shared I/O with Multiple OCS Controllers

originally aired 2/28/23

Configuring OCS-I/O

originally aired 2/21/23

Using Thermistors with Horner OCS All-in-One Controllers

originally aired 2/14/23

Configuring OCS-I/O

originally aired 2/7/23

The OCS-I/O Digital I/O Modules

originally aired 1/31/23

The OCS-I/O Universal Analog Input Module

originally aired 1/24/23

The NEW SmartRail Ethernet Base and Ethernet IP

originally aired 1/17/23

The NEW SmartRail Ethernet Base

originally aired 1/10/23

2022 Year in Review!

originally aired 1/03/23


Intro to Cscape

How to Connect to Cscape

Cscape Setup

Using Function Keys & Touchscreen Buttons

Debugging Your Program

Basic Cscape Rung Creation


Intro to WebMI How To Video Series

Overview of WebMI

How to License WebMI from Cscape

How to License WebMI from the Web

WebMI How to Create Web Pages as Duplicate Screens

How to Create Web Pages Using Web Designer

WebMI Helpful Hints & Troubleshooting

XL Prime Series

XL Prime Series

XL4 Prime All-In-One Controller

XL6 Prime All-In-One Controller

XLW Prime All-In-One Controller

XL7 Prime All-In-One Controller

XL10 Prime All-In-One Controller

Inside the NEW XL Prime

XL Prime Series Reveal!

XL Series

XL Series

XLEe All-In-One Controller

XLTe All-In-One Controller

XL4 All-In-One Controller

EXL6 All-In-One Controller

EXLW All-In-One Controller

XL7 All-In-One Controller

EXL10 All-In-One Controller

XL15+ All-In-One Controller

Micro OCS Series

Micro OCS Family

X2 All-In-One Controller

X4 All-In-One Controller

X5 All-In-One Controller

X7 All-In-One Controller

X10 All-In-One Controller

Tech Tips

How to Setup the New OCS-I/O

How to Develop Recipes in Cscape

Typical Errors & Warnings

How to Use Downloadable Protocols

How to Export a Media Card

How to Update Firmware on an XL Series Controller

How to Update Firmware on an XLE/XLT Controller

How to Update Firmware on a Micro OCS Controller

How to Clone & Restore a Horner OCS

Time & Counter Setup

Alarm Handling

How to Handle Tank Level Scaling & Alarm

How to Modify a Video for a Horner PLC