Open Source Tools in Horner Products

Horner APG is a member of the Open Source Community. We utilize a variety of open source software (OSS) tools in our products.

For specific information regarding our OSS usage, including course code, please select an option below:

dhcpd3.0.3b1Internet Systems ConsortiumClick Here for DownloadDHCP ServerAssign IP to Wi-Fi clients in AP mode
BusyBox1.15.0GNU GPLv2Click Here for DownloadDHCP ClientGet IP for Wi-Fi client in ST mode
BusyBox1.15.0GNU GPLv2Click Here for DownloadchpasswdChange user password for FTP
vsftpd2.0.5GNU GPLv2Click Here for DownloadFTP Daemon ServerFTP Server
OpenSSL1.1.0dOpenSSL LicenseClick Here for & libcrypto.soTLS Libraries when using https
MQTT Client1.5.0Eclipse Public License v1.0Click Here for Downloadlibmosquitto.soMQTT client library stack