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Sep 9 2022

Using a 5G Cellular Modem with Horner OCS

Using a 5G Cellular Modem with Horner OCS. Not every control system is installed in a location where a high-bandwidth factory network is available for communications. In those installations a cellular connection may be a viable option. In this session we'll explore the latest connectivity options that could make a cellular connection a reality in

Aug 24 2022

Installing Your OCS

Horner OCS All-in-one Controllers are extremely versatile - and the 1/4 DIN models are especially so. With currently four models to choose from (XLEE, XLTE, XL4, XL4 Prime) - these products are designed with flexible mounting in mind. In this session, we'll explore all the different ways you can mount your 1/4 DIN OCS -

Aug 18 2022

Control Sales

"My company is Control Sales. I do mostly upgrade / retrofit designs for older machines. I just finished my 1st project with an X2. A little bit of a learning curve, having been spoiled by the XL4 &XL7. But once I figured out how best to use the soft buttons and design the screens efficiently,

Aug 17 2022

Getting Started with IEC 6-1131 Sequential Function Chart in Cscape

This week is our fourth and final installment in our series on Cscape IEC 6-1131 languages. Sequential Function Chart is another graphical language - this time patterned around a traditional flow chart. It can be extremely useful as you define the steps, transitions and actions of your applications. One of the great things about Sequential

Aug 17 2022

Getting Started with IEC 6-1131 Function Block Diagram in Cscape

In the next installment of our series on Cscape IEC 6-1131 languages - we focus on Function Block Diagram. Function Block Diagram is a graphical programming language which allows you to easily read and conceptualize your logic. It also allows you to represent several lines of code in a single block - and establish connections

Aug 9 2022

XL Prime Series

The NEW XL Prime Series builds upon that proven reputation – offering new and existing users alike performance upgrades and a highly secure, modern memory architecture. This is accomplished with a new Horner designed System on Module (SOM) – containing a faster CPU, onboard mass storage and 100% non-volatile memory. The only battery is a


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