Nov 30 2022

Scheduling FTP File Transfers to/from a Horner OCS

FTP File Transfers over Ethernet are still the most common means for accessing files electronically from an OCS All-in-one Controller. There are plenty of situations where scheduling a file transfer to/from an OCS at a particular time is advantageous. In this session, we’ll show how to make this happen. WATCH NOW...

Nov 23 2022

The NEW OCS-I/O Base with its Built-in I/O Including Flexible Inputs!

OCS I/O is the latest expansion and remote I/O solution for Horner OCS. In this live session we’ll take a deep technical dive into the CsCAN I/O Base. We’ll pay particularly close attention to the OCS I/O base built-in I/O - including Flexible Inputs that can be used with either digital OR analog sensors! WATCH

Nov 16 2022

Using Modbus TCP & Modbus RTU in an IEC 61131 Programming Environment

Modbus is the de facto standard when it comes to industrial connectivity in a multi-manufacturer automation environment. Modbus is an address-based protocol based on a traditional PLC. But with IEC-61131, register addresses are a foreign concept as IEC 61131 is strictly variable-based. What gives? In this session we’ll not only talk about how to implement

Oct 26 2022

Convert Your Register-Based Logic Program to Variable-Based in Cscape

At Horner, we pride ourselves in being as customer friendly as possible. One example of this is the fact that we have not forced our customer base to abandon register-based programming, despite its limitations. In this session, will demonstrate how you can take your existing register-based applications and convert them to variable-based projects. This will

Oct 5 2022

Using Two Ethernet Ports on the XL Prime

Horner Automation has offered OCS All-in-one controller models supporting dual ethernet ports for A number of years. This is especially popular with OEMs who want their machine to have a dedicated ethernet network while they offer another dedicated ethernet connection for customers use. But in this era of supply chain challenges, especially for ethernet chipsets

Sep 28 2022

OEE and LEAN in a Box from Horner Solutions

OEE & Lean “in a box” from Horner Solutions is a practical, “off-the-shelf” product that is “tailor made” for manufacturers looking to improve their production efficiency. Just power it up and set a few parameters from the built-in touchscreen - and you’ll be implementing OEE and on the road to improvement. It’s a product that


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