Mar 22 2023

Control a SmartMotor with Horner OCS Over CANopen

In many motion control applications, a Horner OCS and a SmartMotor provide an unbeatable combination – especially in those applications where space is at a premium. For the OCS connection to the SmartMotor – there are a variety of options including old school step & direction and Modbus TCP. But this week we’ll make the

Mar 1 2023

Using Shared I/O with Multiple OCS Controllers

On this channel we’ve previously shown how to use multiple OCS touchscreens in applications requiring dual HMI functionality. But what about using multiple OCS controllers for increased availability? How can you design, configure and program your system to allow a secondary OCS to act as a “warm backup” if the primary OCS becomes unavailable? All

Feb 22 2023

Installing the Horner OCS Outdoors with the Stahlin SolarShield

For years, customers have trusted the Horner OCS All-in-one Controller in outdoor applications. Outdoor applications are tough - often with extreme temperatures, high humidity, rain, ice and snow to deal with. But what about the effects of the sun? The sun impacts temperature, generates harsh UV, diminishes screen view ability and increases glare. If you

Feb 15 2023

Using Thermistors with Horner OCS All-in-One Controllers

Thermocouples and RTDs are everywhere in Industrial applications for monitoring and controlling temperature. But in Building Automation, HVAC and similar environmental applications - thermistors are king. Thermistors are low cost, easy to wire - with “good enough” temperature range and accuracy in their preferred applications. Join us as we review how thermistors work, where they

Feb 14 2023

Rocket Dog Beer Co

“I built a keg washer for my brewery, it works great and it was fun to build. I used the Horner Micro OCS X4 – the touch screen provides the capability to run the system manually, in automatic mode or to change parameters. The inputs measure water temperature and tank levels and the outputs control

Feb 8 2023

Configuring OCS-I/O

In our third OCS-I/O Livestream of the month - we’ll take a look at Configuration in Cscape. Once you’ve documented your requirements, selected your modules, laid out and installed your system - configuration is next. Join us as we demonstrate the available options for configuring this versatile new I/O family. WATCH NOW...  


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