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Dec 20 2023

Using the Horner Solutions Chart Recorder for Water Discharge Monitoring

Are you discharging into a municipal water system? Are you in compliance with their requirements? Do you have the data to prove that you are in compliance? Do you have the data to generate and populate the reports that you need to provide on a regular basis? In this Livestream we will talk about the

Oct 5 2022

Using Two Ethernet Ports on the XL Prime

Horner Automation has offered OCS All-in-one controller models supporting dual ethernet ports for A number of years. This is especially popular with OEMs who want their machine to have a dedicated ethernet network while they offer another dedicated ethernet connection for customers use. But in this era of supply chain challenges, especially for ethernet chipsets

Sep 28 2022

OEE and LEAN in a Box from Horner Solutions

OEE & Lean “in a box” from Horner Solutions is a practical, “off-the-shelf” product that is “tailor made” for manufacturers looking to improve their production efficiency. Just power it up and set a few parameters from the built-in touchscreen - and you’ll be implementing OEE and on the road to improvement. It’s a product that

Jul 6 2022

Performing Sequential Stepper Moves with Horner OCS

The Horner OCS All-in-one Controller can be an excellent choice for Indexing applications. Lately there has been an explosion of stepper motor models with built-in drives from a host of different manufacturers. Some of these feature a network interface, and others a more traditional Step and Direction approach. In this session – we’ll demonstrate Cscape

Jul 6 2022

Inside the NEW XL Prime Series

To the casual eye, differences between the existing XL Series and the new XL Prime are not obvious. In this session we will take a deeper look inside at the technology that makes the XL Prime a significant upgrade over the XL series. For more information on our new Series, please visit: For Cscape

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