The X10 is the fifth product of the streamlined Micro OCS Series of embedded I/O controllers. All units feature a built-in logic engine, operator interface, networking and I/O. Use the dropdown below to select from our two distinct models:  X10R (relay outputs) and X10A (digital outputs)

Current lead time is up to 6 weeks.                       

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The Horner App is the first automation app to give customers the ability to access all WebOCS enabled controllers with their iOS or Android phone or tablet.



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With the addition of the X10 OCS controller, our engineers at Horner Automation have designed a slim, versatile, and complimentary product to our existing line of robust industrial solutions. The X10, when utilized as an introductory piece, empowers your organization to grow by seamlessly incorporating additional Horner solutions (such as our more basic X4, and X7 OCS controllers) to your expanding system.

In the market of cost-effective all-in-one controllers, the web-compatible X10 is unmatched in its abilities to control, communicate, and log data. Suited for applications across a diverse range of industries, the X10 exceeds standards (and expectations). With its capable processor speed and larger, intuitive user interface, the suite of capabilities within the X10 expand upon our established X4 and X7 products.

In an effort to make the latest Horner OCS controllers as widely applicable as possible, the X10 has been designed with a streamlined set of onboard I/O supporting an impressive array of applications. Discrete manufacturing is well supported with 20-24 digital I/O points – including high-speed inputs and outputs. Are your requirements process oriented? The X10 includes analog inputs and outputs, with support for 4-20mA signals and RTD temperature sensors. If the built-in I/O isn’t enough for your specific application – easily expand via Ethernet, CAN, or RS-485.

The wide, sleek profile of the X10 enables you to fit more in your panel, saving space and resources. The X10 packs a big picture into an overall small package. With a 6.607” x 10.433” cutout, this 10” wide aspect screen is very friendly, intuitive, and clear.

Model Lineup

Built-In Inputs/OutputsModel RModel A
DC In1212
DC Out212
HS In44
HS Out22
mA In4 4
mA Out22
Note: There are four high-speed inputs of the total DC Inputs. There are two high-speed outputs of the total DC outputs.
Note: Model A supports sourcing outputs. Model R DC outputs are sinking with integral pull up resistors.


Ladder Logic Memory256 kB
Logic Scan Rate0.4 mS/K
Removable MemorymicroSD
Local Comment StorageYes
Floating Point SupportYes
AutoTune PID CapableYes
Characters / Pixels1024 x 600
Display TechnologyLCD with LED 300 nits
Character HeightSelectable Fonts
Number of Pages250
Fields or Objects per Page100
Total Keys5 (on screen)
Function Keys4 (on screen)
OEM Faceplate AvailableNo
Built-in I/O Points26 (model R); 30 (model A)
SmartStix, SmartRail, SmartBlock I/O Supportyes, CsCAN
Digital Inputs / Outputs, max1024 / 1024
Analog Inputs / Outputs, max256 / 256
General Purpose Registers (words)5000 retentive
General Purpose Internal Coils (bits)2,048 (1,024 retentive)
Total Active Ports2
RS-232 Ports / RS-485 PortsRS-232 / RS-485 (1 of each)
PLC / Drive ProtocolsLimited
RTU / Modbus Master / SlaveYes
Serial ASCII In / OutYes
USB Ports (A and Mini-B)Mini-B only
Integrated CAN NetworksStandard
Supported CAN NetworksCsCAN
Maximum CAN Distance1,640 ft.
Programming over CAN Yes
Height6.5″ / 166.20 mm
Width10.4″ / 263.9 mm
Depth2.2″ / 55.8 mm
Operating Temperature-10 to 60°C
Humidity (non-condensing)5 to 95%
Voltage10-30 VDC
Product CertificationsCE, C’
Environmental RatingUL Type 1, 4, 4x, 12, 12k, 13

Documentation & Resources

DocumentReference NumberLink to Download
Sales SheetHA-340
OCS Comparison GuideHA-294
Starter Kit Sales SheetHA-345
User ManualMAN1277Download
Quick Reference GuideMAN1279Download
X10 Electrical
X10 2D Mechanical
X10 3D Mechanical
App Guide for Updating FirmwareMAN1011
Ethernet Supplement ManualSUP0740Download


Certification TypeDownload Certificate
CE Declaration of Conformity
ISO 9001: 2015
Lithium Battery Test Summary


For more X10 and other videos, please visit our YouTube Channel

Firmware Review Notes

X10CSCAN 15.60December 2022Bug FixResolved input glitch caused by beeper function.Bootloader
X10Download Firmware 15.58 Release Notes
X10CSCAN 15.58December 2021EnhancementAdded support for alternative hardware components.Bootloader
X10Download Firmware 15.58 Release Notes
X10CSCAN 15.54August 2021EnhancementWebMI status bits have been added for Session Count: %SR101.5 to SR101.7Bootloader
X10CSCAN 15.54August 2021Bug FixResolved Issue: When using the Report Editor, an extra space or multiple spaces was being added to the end of the report before the Carriage Return.. (4699)Bootloader
X10CSCAN 15.54August 2021Bug FixResolved Issue: Real to DINT conversion was giving incorrect result for some values. (5314)Bootloader
X10CSCAN 15.54August 2021Bug FixMade touch calibration faster. (1420)Bootloader
X10CSCAN 15.54August 2021Bug FixResolved Issue: ModbusTCP communication was not starting until Reacquire Time has timed out during power up or sometimes when unit is put from Idle to Run mode. (5042)Bootloader
X10CSCAN 15.54August 2021Bug FixResolved Issue: sometimes microSD card was not detecting / reading properly when plugged and unplugged continuously. (4703)Bootloader
X10CSCAN 15.54August 2021Bug FixResolved WebMI Issue: Previous session(s) was not getting closed which resulted in connection timeout during long run as max sessions were reached. (4980)Bootloader
X10CSCAN 15.54August 2021Bug FixResolved Issue: MJ1 RS 232 hardware Handshake fails (DSR / DTR) - issue related to Modem. (5171)Bootloader
X10CSCAN 15.54August 2021Bug FixResolved Issues: (5398) Modbus TCP. When Update Interval was utilized (set other than zero), if packets were delayed beyond the set Update Interval time, previous sockets were getting closed before the re-connect packet was sent. And therefore comms would not recover automatically. The issue would typically be seen when the Update Interval was set to time periods that exceed the server timeout time.Bootloader
X10Download Firmware 15.54 Release Notes
X10CSCAN 15.52May 2021EnhancementIncreased ladder size from 256KB to 512KB. (4318)Bootloader
X10CSCAN 15.52May 2021EnhancementX10 only - Increased bmp size from 4MB to 6MBBootloader
X10CSCAN 15.52May 2021EnhancementX10 only - Reduced Auto calibration timeBootloader
X10CSCAN 15.52May 2021Bug FixX7 & X10 only - Resolved issue where slider buttons were too small. (4318)Bootloader
X10CSCAN 15.52May 2021Bug FixResolved issue where Email with TLS encryption (Gmail) was not working with the ethernet downloadable protocol. (3711)Bootloader
X10CSCAN 15.52May 2021Bug FixResolved issue where the unit was continuously rebooting when the downloaded program was configured with > %R2048 in PID block and placed in RUN mode. (4943)Bootloader
X10CSCAN 15.52May 2021Bug FixResolved issue where a unit was continuously rebooting when "Auto Tune" feature was enabled in PID block in Firmware 15.50. (5646)Bootloader
X10Download Firmware 15.52 Release Notes

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