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The X5 is the first product of the streamlined Micro OCS Series of embedded I/O controllers. All units feature a built-in logic engine, operator interface, networking and I/O.

Current lead time is up to 6 weeks.


The Horner App is the first automation app to give customers the ability to access all WebOCS enabled controllers with their iOS or Android phone or tablet.



X5 Controller 4.3″, 4 DC In, 4 DC Out, 4 Analog In (mA/V)

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The X5 really packs a big picture into an overall small package. With just a 4.6” x 3.5” cutout, this 4.3” wide aspect screen is very friendly, intuitive, and clear. By incorporating our hidden soft key technology, you can use the entire screen to illustrate your specific applications.

In an effort to make implementing Horner OCS controllers as seamless and user-friendly as possible, we have selected a streamlined set of on-board I/O. 4 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs, and 4 analog inputs make automating your applications, and your organization, as simple as the push of a (virtual) button.

When it comes to speed, resolution, and technical capabilities, the X5 is leading the way. We have developed some entirely new design techniques, a suite of capabilities similar to our more established XL line of products, and unprecedented acceptance across an array of commercial and industrial applications. In the market of fixed I/O, web-compatible controllers, the X5 is unmatched.

Model Lineup

Digital I/O4 Inputs, 4 Outputs
High Speed In4 @ 500kHz (4 signals)
High Speed Out2 PWM or Stepper Out
Analog In4 12-bit
Analog Out
Temperature In
Ethernet1 Port


Ladder Logic Memory1 MB
Logic Scan Rate0.013 mS/K
Removable MemorymicroSD
Local Comment StorageYes
Floating Point SupportYes
AutoTune PID CapableYes
Characters / Pixels480 x 272
Display Technology4.3" TFT Color
Character HeightSelectable Fonts
Number of Pages1023
Fields or Objects per Page1023
Total Keys5 (on screen)
Function Keys4 (on screen)
OEM Faceplate AvailableYes
Built-in I/O Points12
SmartStix, SmartRail, SmartBlock I/O Supportyes, CsCAN and Ethernet
Digital Inputs / Outputs, max2048 / 2048
Analog Inputs / Outputs, max512 / 512
General Purpose Registers (words)8,912 (1,024 retentive)
General Purpose Internal Coils (bits)4,096 (2,048 retentive)
Ethernet Supportstandard
Remote AccessWebMI, HTTP or EnvisionRV
Remote File AccessFTP or EnvisionFX
IIoT Support MQTT (Sparkplug)
Total Active Ports2
RS-232 Ports / RS-485 PortsRS-232 / RS-485 (1 of each)
PLC / Drive ProtocolsYes
RTU / Modbus Master / SlaveYes
Serial ASCII In / OutYes
USB Ports (A and Mini-B)Yes
Integrated CAN NetworksStandard
Supported CAN NetworksCsCAN, CANopen (firmware change), DeviceNet Master (contact factory), SAE J1939 (contact factory)
Maximum CAN Distance1,640 ft.
Programming over CAN Yes
Height3.79″ / 96.27 mm
Width4.92″ / 124.97 mm
Total Depth1.4″ / 35.8 mm
Operating Temperature-10 to 60°C
Humidity (non-condensing)5 to 95%
Product CertificationsCE, C’, UL Class 1 Div II
Environmental RatingIP66, UL Type 3R, 4, 4x, 12, 12k, 13

Documentation & Resources

X5 DocumentsReference NumberLink to Download
Sales SheetHA-209
OCS Comparison GuideHA-294
User ManualMAN1039
Quick Reference GuideMAN1210
3D Mechanical (IGS, STP)
2D Mechanical (DWG, PDF)
Overlay (DWG / PDF)
Electrical (PDF)
App Guide for Updating FirmwareMAN1011
Firmware Restore ManualMAN1141
App Guide for Adding Custom Splash ScreenMAN0990
Ethernet Supplement ManualSUP0740

Firmware Review Notes

X5CSCAN 15.52May 2021EnhancementAdded Ethernet Protocol Reset capabilities for FTP, EGD, Modbus and WebMI protocols – LAN1 and LAN2:
%SR156.1 - EGD for LAN1
%SR156.2 - Modbus TCP Slave for LAN1
%SR156.4 - FTP for LAN1
%SR156.5 - WebMI for LAN1 and LAN2
%SR153.1 - EGD for LAN2
%SR153.2 - Modbus TCP Slave for LAN2
%SR153.4 - FTP for LAN2
User should not set other bits of %SR153 and %SR156 to one.
X5CSCAN 15.52May 2021Licensed EnhancementEnhanced IEC Logic Programming - Enhancements over standard IEC in performance, capacity (>5x), online programming and troubleshootingBootloader, Cscape 9.90 SP4
X5CSCAN 15.52May 2021Licensed EnhancementEnhanced IEC Licensing – Features added.
Bootloader, Cscape 9.90 SP4
X5CSCAN 15.52May 2021Licensed EnhancementMQTT - Expanded offline message buffering from 20 messages / broker to 1024 messages / broker. (5177)Bootloader
X5CSCAN 15.52May 2021Licensed EnhancementJ1939 - J1939 protocol may now be licensed and added in the field for all XL4, EXL6, EXLW and X5 products.Bootloader
X5CSCAN 15.52May 2021Bug FixResolved an issue which could cause built-in digital inputs (%I) to turn ON during power-down (4789).Bootloader
X5CSCAN 15.52May 2021Bug FixUnits with part numbers ending in 1E2 only (i.e. HE-XC1E2). Fixed an issue where a power glitch below the operating voltage threshold could cause a relay output to latch ON (3746).Bootloader
X5CSCAN 15.52May 2021Bug FixResolved an issue where it was possible (but typically rare) for the unit to get stuck while booting. This situation could result in complete battery drain if left unresolved. Failure to boot within a short time will now cause the unit to re-initiate the boot, which has consistently proven to resolve the issue.Bootloader
X5CSCAN 15.52May 2021Bug FixFixed an issue where units were not shutting down properly when the battery voltage was below 2.0V.Bootloader
X5CSCAN 15.52May 2021Bug FixResolved issue where Modbus Master ladder block was not working. Port loopback test failed on MJ1, MJ2 &MJ3. (5713)Bootloader
X5CSCAN 15.52May 2021Bug FixX5 only - Resolved a System Exception fault while accessing WebMI and while microSD was unplugged – immediately after a program download (4551).Bootloader
X5CSCAN 15.52May 2021Bug FixX5 only - Corrected an analog accuracy issue introduced in firmware 15.42 after re-calibration of analog channels. Updating to 15.52 corrects the analog accuracy issue with no re-calibration required (4723).Bootloader
X5CSCAN 15.52May 2021Bug FixCorrected an issue where the Alarm History was not being maintained after a power cycle (4206).Bootloader
X5CSCAN 15.52May 2021Bug FixCorrected an issue where the NTP server was skipping a day after a new year (4910).Bootloader
X5CSCAN 15.52May 2021Bug FixFixed an intermittent watchdog issue which could occur immediately after loading a PGM file (4177).Bootloader
X5Download Firmware 15.52 Release Notes
X5CSCAN 15.40July 2020EnhancementDownloadable protocol enable/disable options now available for full Network and also for individual devices Cscape 9.90 SP3
X5CSCAN 15.40July 2020EnhancementDHCP and DNS Support
X5CSCAN 15.40July 2020Enhancement
MQTT - Sparkplug (licensed feature)
X5CSCAN 15.40July 2020EnhancementStructure support in RM blocks
X5CSCAN 15.40July 2020EnhancementAdded X5 Factory Calibration
X5CSCAN 15.40July 2020Bug FixSetpoints not loaded when loading .pgm file in controller with Cscape 9.90 SP1 & SP2Cscape 9.90 SP3
X5CSCAN 15.40July 2020Bug FixCsCAN ladder blocks can now use registers greater than %R2048Cscape 9.90 SP3
X5CSCAN 15.40July 2020Bug FixPID blocks, Modbus master and slave blocks, Alarm block can now use registers greater than %R2048Cscape 9.90 SP3
X5CSCAN 15.40July 2020Bug FixIP default HE-WIFIUSB
X5CSCAN 15.40July 2020Bug FixLocal Date (Day) rolls back at month change
X5Download Firmware 15.40 Release Notes
X5CSCAN 15.30October 2019EnhancementBACnet protocol - Allowed configuration of parameters via registers. Added Binary Inputs, Binary Outputs, Binary Values, Analog Inputs & Analog Outputs. Added the ability to select the range of addresses to be mapped / detected in the discovery process.
X5CSCAN 15.30October 2019EnhancementBasic support for Horner HE-WIFIUSB module. Further operational improvements are scheduled for future firmware updates. Support for the HE-WIFIUSB module is NOT possible for the RCC8842, RCC972 or RCC1410.
X5CSCAN 15.30October 2019Bug FixPossible reset when copying large files from uSD to USB
X5CSCAN 15.30October 2019Bug FixError using wildcards in Removable Media blocks
X5CSCAN 15.30October 2019Bug FixFixed issue where format size of microSD was limited to 1GB
X5CSCAN 15.30October 2019Bug FixAlarms not displayed on web pages in WebMI
X5CSCAN 15.30October 2019Bug FixSystem exception for some programs due to issue with incorrect value for baud rate for J1939
X5CSCAN 15.30October 2019Bug FixFixed an issue that prevented login after download
X5CSCAN 15.30October 2019Bug FixDate format changed to DD-Mon-YY in retentive trend playback
X5CSCAN 15.30October 2019Bug FixAlarm object display did not show live refresh for WebMI
X5CSCAN 15.30October 2019Bug FixOff Delay Timer output was energizing when no power was applied to Timer in first scan
X5CSCAN 15.30October 2019Bug FixHE-X5 touch screen calibration issue where the next button can be hard to press for in-field recalibration
X5CSCAN 15.30October 2019Bug FixWhen the password data object is set for user access object type, the visibility does not work as expected.
X5Download Firmware 15.30 Release Notes
X5CSCAN 15.20April 2019EnhancementImproved provisions for automatic and manual text wrapping for buttons.Cscape 9.90
X5CSCAN 15.20April 2019EnhancementThe Needle-only gauge (previously Classic-style) now supports Triangle and Rhombus needle styles as in the advanced gauge style.Cscape 9.90
X5CSCAN 15.20April 2019EnhancementAdded support for the Video object for the X5 Controller.Cscape 9.90
X5CSCAN 15.20April 2019EnhancementAdded Digital filtering for the High-speed counting function of several controllers.Cscape 9.90
X5CSCAN 15.20April 2019EnhancementAdded Set CAN ID function block in Advanced Ladder editor.Cscape 9.90
X5CSCAN 15.20April 2019EnhancementImproved Indirect Move function block for more flexible use with Tag-based ladder programming.Cscape 9.90
X5CSCAN 15.20April 2019EnhancementAdded support for multiple baud rates (250K, 500K, 1M) for J1939 Protocol.Cscape 9.90
X5CSCAN 15.20April 2019EnhancementImproved Boot-up TimeCscape 9.90
X5CSCAN 15.20April 2019Bug FixCorrected issue that broke ethernet communications with certain EGD (Ethernet Global Data) configurations.
X5CSCAN 15.20April 2019Bug FixImproved Analog Input jitter on X5 controllers
X5CSCAN 15.20April 2019Bug FixThe Email status was corrected. NOTE: See Cscape 9.90 Help file for updated information.
X5CSCAN 15.20April 2019Bug FixCorrected an issue with email file attachments where the first letter of the attached file name was cut off.
X5CSCAN 15.20April 2019Bug FixImproved EXL10 Backlight dimming. In some cases, dimming to 50% previously caused flickering.
X5CSCAN 15.20April 2019Bug FixMultiple improvements to rechargeable battery handling.*
X5CSCAN 15.20April 2019Bug FixCorrected issues where FTP was not working in certain circumstances.
X5Download PUN Notes for Power Loss Details
X5Download Firmware 15.20 Release Notes

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