Opportunity / Challenge

Coiled Tubing is an equipment used in Oil & Gas operations for well interventions (cleanout wells, estimulation, N2 Injection, etc.), and those units need a Data Acquisition System (DAS) for different parameters. Currently, there are several commercial DAS in the market, but Olimpia was looking for their own system that needed to perform the following parameters:
• String Depth • String speed
• Circulation pressure (Up to 15,000 PSI) • String weight (Lbs)
• Well head pressure (up to 15,000 PSI) • Flow Rate ( bbls/min)
• Data storage • Reports & Well information
• Set up target’s pressure • Alarms
• Shut down pumping (when exceed the target pressure)


Horner APG has previously created a customized solution for Olimpia with excellent results and performance. Therefore, their solution for this project was a Horner Micro X10, which offers an exceptional HMI that allowed them to design a comfortable, friendly interface with several functions to develop a professional HMI.
They used the X10R, which offers relay outputs, to develop a DAS that included the following functions:
• Measuring string and speed depth in Coiled tubing Spooler and TRS
• Measuring flow rate for Hydraulic power unit pumps
• Measuring well head and circulation pressure (up to 15,000 PSI)
• Measuring string weight from load cell up to 80,000 lbs
• Setting up target pressure
• Setting up alarms, date, hour; Recording SD card functions
• Plotting parameters in trends controls


“Horner PLCs are easy to program, have good performance with acquisition parameters, HSC in and analog in, working with great accuracy.”

~ Andres Lizcano, Servicios Petroleros Olimpia, Mexico