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The Remote Compact Controller (RCC) is a compact controller ideal for applications where a screen-less controller is the best fit.

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  • 12 digital DC inputs, 10 digital outputs, 2 Analog Inputs and 2 analog outputs, providing users with superior I/O options for a wide range of Process and Discrete Manufacturing applications
  • Provides superior connectivity – supporting both CAN and 10/100 Ethernet as standard
  • Inclusion of CAN provides the ability for the RCC to support hundreds of remote I/O points using Horner’s CsCAN




Digital Inputs compatible with 12V/24VDC12
DC Outputs - .5A per point10
12-bit Analog Inputs 0-20mA2
12-bit Analog Outputs 0-20mA4

Documentation & Resources

DocumentReference NumberLink to Download
Sales SheetHA-332
Remote I/O Comparison GuideHA-338
2D Mechanical
3D Mechanical (IGS)
3D Mechanical (STP)
User ManualMAN1133Download
Quick Reference GuideMAN1192Download
Lithium Battery Test SummaryMAN1273
CE Declaration of ConformityHA-263
ISO 9001:2015Certificate of Registration

Firmware Review Notes

RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.60November 2022EnhancementAdded register selector support for client ID (MAC ID) in MQTT configuration. Requires Cscape 9.90 SP7 onwards. (7143)Bootloader
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.60November 2022EnhancementOCS-I/O Support. Requires Cscape 9.90 SP8 onwards.Bootloader
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.60November 2022EnhancementModification in license checks due to vulnerability for EIEC, J1939, MQTT and WebMI. (7623)Bootloader
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.60November 2022Bug FixResolved issue when Conversion Blocks were functioning only for ODD register numbers and was failing for EVEN register numbers. (6233)Bootloader
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.60November 2022Bug FixResolved issue when scan rate was increasing when an email was not sent. (5876/7052/7508)Bootloader
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.60November 2022Bug FixResolved issue when the EGD status information was being displayed in wrong register - an address offset problem with EGD. (8461)Bootloader
Download Firmware 15.54 Release Notes
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.54March 2022EnhancementTime-out of Modbus Slave and SRTP increased from 60 to 380 seconds. (5398)Bootloader
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.54March 2022Bug FixIn the Report Editor, an extra character was being added to the end of the report before the Carriage Return, resulting in certain printers not to work as expected. (4699)Bootloader
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.54March 2022Bug FixReal to DINT conversion was giving incorrect result for some values. (5314)Bootloader
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.54March 2022Bug FixResolved System exception issue when downloaded BACNet protocol without configuring any devices / scan list. (5591)Bootloader
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.54March 2022Bug FixRCC1410 & RCC8842 were not retaining retentive memory after power cycle when the battery voltage dropped below 4V. (6081)Bootloader
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.54March 2022Bug FixRadio Modem support has been added to MJ1 port and removed from MJ3 port. (588) NOTE: Changes available in Cscape 9.90 SP5 onwards.Bootloader
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.54March 2022Bug FixModbusTCP communication was not starting until Reacquire Time has timed out. (5042)Bootloader
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.54March 2022Bug FixModbus TCP communication would stop due to DHCP lease time getting expired. (6101)Bootloader
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.54March 2022Bug FixUnit would lose communication with Cscape over Ethernet when unit when there are multiple slaves configured in the program but not connected. (4700)Bootloader
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.54March 2022Bug FixWebMI license was lost if there is a flat / faulty controller battery - License duration check will not be done for lifetime licenses. So, even if battery fails, license will be valid for lifetime licenses. (3429)Bootloader
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.54March 2022Bug FixRemove all options for firmware upgrade except "Install Bootloader". (6333)Bootloader
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.54March 2022Bug Fixa. Packets getting delayed beyond the set update interval When Update interval option was selected in the Client protocol (5398) b. Previous sockets were getting closed before sending the re-connect packet (5398)Bootloader
RCC SeriesDownload Firmware 15.54 Release Notes
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.52May 2021EnhancementAdded Ethernet Protocol Reset capabilities for FTP, EGD, Modbus and WebMI protocols – LAN1 and LAN2:
%SR156.1 - EGD for LAN1
%SR156.2 - Modbus TCP Slave for LAN1
%SR156.4 - FTP for LAN1
%SR156.5 - WebMI for LAN1 and LAN2
%SR153.1 - EGD for LAN2
%SR153.2 - Modbus TCP Slave for LAN2
%SR153.4 - FTP for LAN2
User should not set other bits of %SR153 and %SR156 to one.
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.52May 2021Licensed EnhancementEnhanced IEC Logic Programming - Enhancements over standard IEC in performance, capacity (>5x), online programming and troubleshooting.Bootloader, Cscape 9.90 SP4
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.52May 2021Licensed EnhancementEnhanced IEC Licensing – Features added.Bootloader, Cscape 9.90 SP4
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.52May 2021Licensed EnhancementMQTT - Expanded offline message buffering from 20 messages / broker to 1024 messages / broker. (5177)Bootloader
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.52May 2021Bug FixResolved an issue which could cause built-in digital inputs (%I) to turn ON during power-down (4789).Bootloader
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.52May 2021Bug FixUnits with part numbers ending in 1E2 only (i.e. HE-XC1E2). Fixed an issue where a power glitch below the operating voltage threshold could cause a relay output to latch ON (3746).Bootloader
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.52May 2021Bug FixResolved an issue where it was possible (but typically rare) for the unit to get stuck while booting. This situation could result in complete battery drain if left unresolved. Failure to boot within a short time will now cause the unit to re-initiate the boot, which has consistently proven to resolve the issue.Bootloader
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.52May 2021Bug FixFixed an issue where units were not shutting down properly when the battery voltage was below 2.0V.Bootloader
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.52May 2021Bug FixResolved issue where Modbus Master ladder block was not working. Port loopback test failed on MJ1, MJ2 &MJ3. (5713)Bootloader
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.52May 2021Bug FixRCC only - Corrected an issue introduced in 15.30 which caused the legacy (pre-WebMI) webserver not to operate (3867).Bootloader
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.52May 2021Bug FixRCC only - Fixed an issue wherein it was not possible to recover RCCs with dead batteries (4674).Bootloader
RCC 2414 onlyCSCAN 15.52May 2021Bug FixRCC2414 only - Corrected an issue wherein the RCC was not updating the LAN2 EGD status (4024).Bootloader
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.52May 2021Bug FixCorrected an issue where the Alarm History was not being maintained after a power cycle (4206).Bootloader
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.52May 2021Bug FixCorrected an issue where the NTP server was skipping a day after a new year (4910).Bootloader
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.52May 2021Bug FixFixed an intermittent watchdog issue which could occur immediately after loading a PGM file (4177).Bootloader
RCC SeriesBug FixDownload Firmware 15.52 Release Notes
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.34June 2020Bug FixFixed an issue on internal I/O bus timing preventing the unit from shutting down properly and saving registers.
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.34June 2020Bug FixFixed an issue where a fast power cycle (less than 2 seconds) caused the unit to run on internal battery causing an improper shut down.
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.34June 2020Bug FixFixed a watchdog issue related to the Horner Wi-Fi module performing a mode change.
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.34June 2020Bug FixFixed an issue where some applications using the email feature with TLS enabled causing a watchdog reset.
RCC SeriesDownload Firmware 15.40 Release Notes
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.30October 2019EnhancementBACnet protocol - Allowed configuration of parameters via registers. Added Binary Inputs, Binary Outputs, Binary Values, Analog Inputs & Analog Outputs. Added the ability to select the range of addresses to be mapped / detected in the discovery process.
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.30October 2019EnhancementBasic support for Horner HE-WIFIUSB module. Further operational improvements are scheduled for future firmware updates. Support for the HE-WIFIUSB module is NOT possible for the RCC8842, RCC972 or RCC1410.
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.30October 2019Bug FixPossible reset when copying large files from uSD to USB
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.30October 2019Bug FixError using wildcards in Removable Media blocks
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.30October 2019Bug FixFixed issue where format size of microSD was limited to 1GB
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.30October 2019Bug FixAlarms not displayed on web pages in WebMI
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.30October 2019Bug FixSystem exception for some programs due to issue with incorrect value for baud rate for J1939
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.30October 2019Bug FixFixed an issue that prevented login after download
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.30October 2019Bug FixDate format changed to DD-Mon-YY in retentive trend playback
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.30October 2019Bug FixAlarm object display did not show live refresh for WebMI
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.30October 2019Bug FixOff Delay Timer output was energizing when no power was applied to Timer in first scan
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.30October 2019Bug FixHE-X5 touch screen calibration issue where the next button can be hard to press for in-field recalibration
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.30October 2019Bug FixWhen the password data object is set for user access object type, the visibility does not work as expected.
RCC SeriesDownload Firmware 15.30 Release Notes
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.22June 2019EnhancementExpanded the temperature range at which battery charging can occur. The Charging Temperature Range Table below lists these ambient temperature values by controller. Refer to the Horner Rechargeable Battery Operation Manual, MAN1142, for more details.
RCC SeriesCSCAN 15.22June 2019
RCC SeriesDownload Rechargeable Battery Operation Manual
RCC SeriesDownload Firmware 15.22 Release Notes

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