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Expansion and Remote I/O

By using remote I/O, Horner controllers offer easier programming, installation, development and set-up. Our controllers have a small footprint and can easily retrofit into an existing system with little effort.

The RCC6512 is a versatile product for high-speed applications. It combines a control processor with high-speed digital and analog I/O with integrated networking.

SmartRail expands the I/O capacity of OCS all-in-one controllers. It uses either CANbus or Ethernet communications and can be installed locally or hundreds of meters away.

Using CsCAN communications, SmartBlock I/O provides easy configuration and network expansion. Designed to complement the Horner SmartStix Digital I/O family, these two can be used together, to expand the I/O capacity of any OCS.

The SmartStix is a cost-effective option as expansion or remote I/O and is extremely compact and also uses CsCAN communications. It offers easy configuration through rotary switches and Cscape programming software.

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