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All NX Series OCS Units feature an integrated Operator Interface and Control Engine, support downloadable PLC/Drive Communications Protocols and feature a CompactFlash slot.

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  • All NX Series OCS Units feature an integrated Operator Interface and Control Engine.
  • NX Series OCS also support downloadable PLC/Drive Communications Protocols and a CompactFLASH slot.
  • NX Series OCS come standard with a variety of Networking and I/O Interfaces.
  • CsCAN is standard for networking and SmartStix I/O Support.
  • Up to 4 SmartStack I/O modules are supported through Plastic SmartStack Modules (metal SmartStack modules are NOT supported).


Specification HE-NX220 HE-NX221 / HE-NX222 HE-NX250 HE-NX251 / HE-NX252
Application Programming Environment Cscape (ladder logic plus screen development) or IEC-61131 Programming Languages
Web Server NO YES NO YES
Ladder Logic Memory 256K Bytes
Register (Reference) Memory 32K Bytes
Logic Scan Rate 0.1mS/K (typical)*
Built-in >500 KHz HSC and PWM NO Yes (NX-222 only) NO YES (NX-252 only)
Display Technology Backlit LCD
Display Size 128 x 64 128 x 64 240 x 128 240 x 128
Function Keys with LEDs (Soft Keys) 10 (4) 10 (4) 10 (8) 10 (8)
Application Memory – Graphics 1MB
I/O Supported (Number I/O) SmartStack Snap-on I/O** and SmartStix Remote I/O (4096 digital, 1024 analog)
FOX Fiber Optic I/O Supported YES
Networking CsCAN and 2-Serial Ports (each RS-232 or RS-485)
Embedded Ethernet NO YES NO YES
Supports PLC / Drive Protocols YES

* Total ladder scan is impacted by several factors—logic, I/O, screen, and communications updates.
** NX models require plastic SmartStack I/O modules if snapped-on back

Documentation & Resources

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