XL10e – Legacy (Not Available for Order)

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In response to customer needs and industry changes in electronics, Horner has redesigned our XL10 controller to incorporate newer, state-of-the-art components and circuitry to produce the EXL10 line of OCS controllers. Please visit our EXL10 Product Page to learn more.

The XL10e product line is now obsolete. Please call our Customer Service Department at (877) 665-5666 with any XL10e questions.

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  • All units feature a built-in logic engine, operator interface, networking and I/O.
  • Logic engine features 256KB of application memory with a 0.2mS/K logic scan.
  • Operator Interface features include:
    • 640×480 LCD graphics display with a high resolution resistive touchscreen
    • 7 function keys and a system key
    • USB slave port (mini-B 5pin) is available for programming
    • USB master port (A) is available for exchanging files with USB FLASH drives
    • Two (2) RS-232/485 ports support RTU/Modbus Master/Slave, ASCII In/Out, and PLC/Drive downloadable protocols
    • Networking features an integrated CsCAN port
    • All units feature a Removable Mass Storage device.
  • The XL10e includes a factory installed Ethernet port, providing full Ethernet functionality, including SmartRail I/O (Ethernet), HTTP web serving, FTP file transfer, Modbus TCP/IP Master/Slave, EGD, and more.

Model Lineup

Controller Digital I/O High Speed In High Speed Out Analog In Analog Out Temperature In CANbus
HE-XV1E0 1 port
HE-XV1E2 12/6 Relay 4 @ 10kHz 4 10-bit 1 port
HE-XV1E3 12/12 4 @ 10kHz 2 PWM 2 10-bit 1 port
HE-XV1E4 24/16 4 @ 10kHz 2 PWM 2 10-bit 1 port
HE-XV1E5 12/12 4 @ 10kHz 2 PWM 2 14/16-bit 2 12-bit Thermocouple, RTD 1 port

Special Order (*)

Part Number Description
-10 (part # extension) Thermistor option. Add -10 to the part number for Thermistor support for Analog Inputs 1 & 2. (Models 102, 103, and 104 only)
-14 (part # extension) Thermistor option. Add -14 to the part number for Thermistor support for Analog Inputs 1, 2, 3 & 4 (Model 102 only)
-33 (part # extension) DeviceNet Option. Add -33 part number extension for DeviceNet communications (Polled & Explicit Connections only). CsCAN support is removed.
-44 (part # extension) SAE J1939 Option. Add -44 part number extension for SAE J1939 communications. CsCAN support is removed.

(*) Not available for purchase on the web store. Please call factory for product availability. Lead time on special order products is 4-6 weeks.



Ladder Logic Memory 1MB
Logic Scan Rate 0.013mS/K
Removable Memory microSD
Local Comment Storage yes
Floating Point Support yes
AutoTune PID Capable yes
Motion Commands yes

Operator Interface

Characters / Pixels 800×480 (1,000 nits)
Display Technology 7″ TFT Color
Character Height selectable fonts
Number of Pages 1023
Fields or Objects per Page 1023
Total Keys 6
Function Keys 5
OEM Faceplate Available yes


Built-in I/O Points 22-44
SmartStix, SmartRail,
SmartBlock I/O Support
yes, CsCAN and Ethernet
Digital Inputs / Outputs, max 2048 / 2048
Analog Inputs / Outputs, max 512 / 512
General Purpose Registers (words) 49,999
General Purpose Internal Coils (bits) 32,768


Ethernet Support standard, 2 ports
Remote Access HTTP or EnvisionRV
Remote File Access FTP or EnvisionRV

Serial Communications

Total Active Ports 3
RS-232 Ports / RS-485 Ports RS-232 & RS-485; RS-232 / RS-485
PLC / Drive Protocols yes
RTU / Modbus Master / Slave yes
Serial ASCII In / Out yes
USB Ports (A and Mini-B) yes


Integrated CAN Networks        1
Supported CAN Protocols CsCAN, CANopen (firmware change), DeviceNet Master (-33 option), SAE J1939 (-44 option)
Maximum CAN Distance 500m per segment, 4 segments maximum
Programming over CAN CsCAN only

Physical Specifications

Height 5.66″ / 143.8 mm
Width 8.27″ / 210.1 mm
Depth 2.72″ / 69.1 mm
I/O Module Depth COM option adds 0.5″ / 13 mm depth

Operating Specifications and Standards

Operating Temperature* -0 to 60°C
*Note: -40°C Low Temp Option, Contact Factory
Humidity (non-condensing) 5 to 95%
Product Certifications CE, C’, UL Class I, Div II
Environmental Rating NEMA & UL TYpe 1, 3R, 4, 4x, 12, 12k, 13

Documentation & Resources

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Technical Documentation

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Supplemental Documentation

User Manual
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