XL6e – Legacy (Not Available for Order)

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In response to customer needs and industry changes in electronics, Horner has redesigned our XL10 controller to incorporate newer, state-of-the-art components and circuitry to produce the EXL10 line of OCS controllers. Please visit our EXL6 Product Page to learn more.

All XL6e units features a 320×240 graphics display with 32000+ colors.  The XL6e adds a factory installed Ethernet port, providing full Ethernet functionality, including SmartRail I/O (Ethernet), HTTP web serving, FTP file transfer, Modbus/TC/IP.

The XL6e product line is now obsolete. Please call our Customer Service Department at (877) 665-5666 with any XL6e questions.

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All XL6e units feature:

  • built-in logic engine, operator interface, networking and I/O
  • Logic engine features 256KB of application memory with a 0.2mS/K logic scan.
  • 320×240 LCD graphics display with a high resolution resistive touchscreen
  • 5 function keys and a system key
  • USB slave port (mini-B 5pin)
  • USB master port (A)
  • (2) RS-232/485 ports support RTU/Modbus Master/Slave, ASCII In/Out, and PLC/Drive downloadable protocols
  • integrated CsCAN port
  • Removable Mass Storage device
  • CsCAN & CANopen Master/Slave Support

Documentation & Resources

DocumentReference NumberLink to Download
User ManualMAN0883Click Here to Download
Model 0 DatasheetMAN0884Click Here to Download
Model 2 DatasheetMAN0885Click Here to Download
Model 3 & 4 DatasheetMAN0886Click Here to Download
Model 5 DatasheetMAN0887Click Here to Download
App Guide for Updating FirmwareMAN1011Click Here to Download
App Guide for Adding Custom Splash ScreenMAN0990Click Here to Download
Ethernet Supplement ManualSUP0740Click Here to Download
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