Pulling and pumping water from a well is a fairly straightforward practice. Without the proper tools, however, there are a multitude of factors and data being left to guesswork and estimation. The customer was specifically exploring:

  1.     Methods to monitor pump data
  2.     Tracking pressure and water levels
  3.     Implementing touch screen controls into their application
  4.     Processes for improving their communication speeds to remote devices


The compact nature of our XL4 OCS Controller had the potential to fit in perfectly with their application requirements, exceeding in areas such as:

  1.     Ethernet communications made interfacing with existing systems easy
  2.     Product was priced to at a point where a large quantity of units could be implemented across the site(s)
  3.     Touch screen was durable, and well-tested
  4.     Number of inputs was more than enough for their pumping requirements


The modest size, form factor, and plug-and-play capabilities of the XL7 OCS Controller have helped the customer:

  1.     Save time by being able to quickly set up various tests (utilizing the save devices)
  2.     Expand their department – they built 16 more Logic Control Systems after seeing the results of their first Horner-driven solution
  3.     Steamline their processes and procedures with versatile test systems
  4.     Exceed their base requirements of digital I/O, analog I/O, PWM, and High Speed Counter through an all-in-one solution