Their existing system was old. It was more than old – it was faulty and causing huge productivity issues, causing downtime, and losing money because of:

  1. Antiquated controls
  2. Suffering quality due to control incapabilities
  3. Poor tech support for their existing systems
  4. Incompatible communications modules
  5. Slow HMI speeds (along with poor programming)


Recognizing this was a large operation with lots of moving pieces (physically and conceptually), our team at Horner Automation knew there was a way to improve their lacking processes through:

  1. Comprehensive communications support
  2. Simple, easy-to-use control interfaces
  3. Thorough technical support and onsite training


Creating a solution to exceed the needs of their complex application requirements, our team implemented both OCS Controllers and Expandable & Remote I/O products:  XL4, XL7, EXL6, SmartRail, and SmartMod. Through these powerful tools, our customer has experienced improvements in:

  1. Communications through Ethernet benefits (like FTP, HTML, Server, etc.)
  2. Datalogging and trend analysis
  3. Recipe creation, alarming, and security levels
  4. Ability to view process animation in real time
  5. Technical support and integration into their diverse software licenses for their printing machines