Shriram Automation is a system integrator for Horner India. A client of theirs was using Unitronics V700 with snap-in-I/O for their hose pipe making machine. They had a frequent problem of short circuiting in the analog I/O module. The only way to rectify the problem was to replace the module. It was a constant recurring cost for them and availability was an issue.


Unitronics as a company does not have much of a presence in India. They have some distributors in India, but they do not have a repair facility. The OEM of the machine had not developed a complete automation program in the V700 PLC. There were no alarm displays and no diagnostic menu for the maintenance engineer during break downs. This caused huge down times in production.


After examining the problem and understanding their requirements, Shriram Automation suggested for them to replace their Unitronics PLC with a Horner PLC. Horner offers an All-in-one solution and easily meets their requirements. A Micro HE-X7A with Smart Rail I/O modules was recommended. Horner has an office in India (Horner India) so we could assure that the client would receive the best service in the future.

A completely new software solution was developed for them which consisted of alarms, all diagnostics, production report, advanced auto function to make the machine more automatic, and user-friendly touchscreens for the operator. The client has converted two of his machines to the Horner PLC and is very satisfied with the performance.

The client gained three major benefits after this conversion:
1. Cost benefit (A good product at an economical price)
2. Future Horner APG support for hardware and software
3. A completely new software program that meets all of their needs.


“The All-in-one solution of the Micro X7 product makes it one step ahead of its competitor. It gives compactness and reliability and very user-friendly and easy to configure hardware and software. Using Cscape All-in-One Software for HMI and Logic development makes development faster and easier. The OEM protection function is very unique and protects our intellectual property.”
~ Sunit Gupte, Shriram Automation