Heating System for a large Ag Barn – Instead of installing one big boiler to heat a large poultry barn, the customer decided to install a couple of smaller ones in case one breaks down. They then needed a control system to control the boilers as different zones in the barn requested heat.


We used the X7A to do the control part. A Smartstix Combo Input/Output is used to interface with the barn’s ventilation controller and alarm system since the boiler room is in a remote location from the barn. Along with controlling the boilers based on heat demand, it also monitors the boilers alarm, gas valve, pre-ignition cycle, and running status via digital inputs. If a boiler alarm’s for any reason, it’ll automatically switch to a backup boiler and notify the operators via text. It also records and graphs pipe temperature for the last 20 minutes so the operator can see if anything abnormal is happening.


“The X7 worked perfectly for this application because of its substantial onboard IO and temperature sensor support, support for CAN-based IO, and its built-in email service used to alert operators.”

~ Daniel Wipf, Rockport Chemicals, Alexandria, South Dakota