The customer needed a sunlight readable controller which could interface to functions such as the engine fuel and ignition, touchscreen capabilities, and were restricted by power limits. They were also looking for:

  1.     A way to interface with their primary electronic flight system (ASCII)
  2.     Secondary navigation system through independent GPS
  3.     Secondary airspeed measurement through analog control
  4.     Basic control for plane functions (flap control system interlocked with airspeed)
  5.     A way to monitor engine performance, trending, and alarming.


Our powerful XL7 OCS Controller exemplified many of the features for which they were looking, such as:

  1.     A graphic color touchscreen
  2.     Alarming and trend analysis
  3.     Power requirements matched with available power from the airplane
  4.     Compatible with a wide range of devices already in use on the plane


The customer was already very familiar with Horner Automation products, and our XL7 provided a ready-made solution for their specific application. After evaluating 6 different controller options (from some of our biggest competitors), the XL7 was the only one that could perform in a bright cockpit – and the price was excellent too!


Some highlights specified by the customer since integrating a Horner solution into their application are:

  •     Perfect size for instrument panel
  •     Touchscreen has amazing graphics
  •     Screen captures are very useful for troubleshooting and engine performance
  •     Backup to primary flight information system for critical flight information
  •     Custom checklists with live data for all modes of flight
  •     Trending EGT and CHT while adjusting fuel injection to optimize efficiency
  •     Dynamic alarm adjustment based upon mode of flight