The customer’s application (grain drying) was inefficient and time consuming. They were losing resources and ROI because of:

  1. Too much downtime on machines and for customers in the field assessing control issues
  2. Inability to create a user-friendly process control system
  3. Too much time spent wiring with relays and timers
  4. Inefficient communications protocols


The comprehensive nature of our OCS Controls paired with versatile Expandable & Remote I/O would allow our team at Horner to help this customer in designing a plan that could:

  1. Control at least 8 motor starters (1 – 60HP)
  2. Communicate with dryer burner controls
  3. Integrate remote access controls, trending, and reporting
  4. Offer FREE programming software
  5. Combine the functionalities of their separate HMIs and PLCs into a singular system


Through our EXL6 and XL7 OCS Controllers paired with SmartRail Remote & Expandable I/O, the customer has seen substantial improvements within and through:

  1. Technicians spending less time in the field through remote access capabilities
  2. The ability to access critical data logged in the event of machine loss
  3. Quick problem-solving through independent sensor monitoring
  4. US-based support (the customer appreciates having someone just a phone call away)