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J1939 License

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J1939 Voucher

This product requires a license to be applied per unit. The license is permanent and is applied through the acquisition of a voucher. 

Vouchers are available for the following controllers: X5, XL4, EXL6, EXLW, RCC972, RCC1410, RCC2414, and RCC8842

HE-VFJ1-01:  1 license per controller

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The J1939 comes from the international Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and works on the physical layer with CAN-high speed according to ISO11898. SAE J1939 defines five layers in the 7-layer OSI network model, and this includes the CAN 2.0b specification. The application focus is on the power trains and chassis of commercial vehicles.

All J1939 packets contain eight bytes of data and a standard header which contains an index called PGN (Parameter Group Number), which is embedded in the message’s 29-bit identifier. A PGN is unique numeric identifier that is associated with a specific parameter name. A PGN identifies a message’s function and associated data i.e a PGN defines the parameter value; a device is requesting or the parameter value that a device is sending.

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