Challenge / Opportunity

LightsOnSites was started in January of 2000, and was developed from a challenge to design and develop a solution that would effectively allow a California city to remotely control its recreational park lighting and locking mechanisms for open receptacles and restroom access. is a web-based Facility Control and Scheduling System that works on any Web-enabled device. The system schedules, controls and bills for use of facilities within entities (cities, school districts, HOAs and more – public and private). You can control as many facilities as needed for individuals and
groups like:
• Recreational ball fields, tennis courts, riding rings, picnic facilities
• Security lighting and parking areas
• Building and bathroom locking and more!


Horner offered a solution for a flexible control unit that met and exceeded the needs of our original automation project. OpenApps, a trusted partner, has been integral in working with Horner to select and supply LightsOnSites with the technical and hardware solutions that we’ve relied on for our original and current projects, leading to the development of the robust system that exists today.

The first release of our lighting control system was developed in 2000 using the original OCS Controller. As the product was redefined, our system evolved to expand on the capabilities of the XL Series. The controller’s programming flexibility and hardware capabilities allow us to tailor our system’s features and services to our clients’ individual needs. The all-in-one, easy-to-use controller concept is ideal. The simple and easily navigable interface is welcomed by our users with minimal or no training required. Its compact design allows for optimal integrations in the field. We continue to offer more solutions to our clients as requests arise.


“We’ve valued our partnership with Horner and have come to depend on the tech and hardware for our systems. Over 23 years we’ve found the control products to be highly reliable. Horner’s sales team and support staff listens and adapts to our needs. When we present a new challenge, Horner offers solutions that enables LightsOnSites to continue to grow our offered services and capabilities.”

~ Amy Phillips, LightsOnSites