Nov 16 2022

Using Modbus TCP & Modbus RTU in an IEC 61131 Programming Environment

Modbus is the de facto standard when it comes to industrial connectivity in a multi-manufacturer automation environment. Modbus is an address-based protocol based on a traditional PLC. But with IEC-61131, register addresses are a foreign concept as IEC 61131 is strictly variable-based. What gives? In this session we’ll not only talk about how to implement

Jul 6 2022

Using Modbus TCP for OCS to OCS Communication

Communications is one of the strengths of the Horner OCS. Another strength is distributed control – where a complex control task can be modularized to provide efficiency and scalability in the application by utilizing multiple OCS controllers. But what communications architecture and which communications protocol(s) should you use? In this session we’ll dive into the

Feb 14 2022

Using Modbus TCP in a Tag-based Environment

Modbus remains the de facto standard for communications between devices from multiple manufacturers. But Modbus is a register-based protocol - how do we apply it in a variable/tag-based logic environment? We will explore this, and provide you with practical guidance when utilizing this versatile protocol, even as you modernize your programming approach. WATCH NOW...


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