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Mar 1 2023

Using Shared I/O with Multiple OCS Controllers

On this channel we’ve previously shown how to use multiple OCS touchscreens in applications requiring dual HMI functionality. But what about using multiple OCS controllers for increased availability? How can you design, configure and program your system to allow a secondary OCS to act as a “warm backup” if the primary OCS becomes unavailable? All

Feb 8 2023

Configuring OCS-I/O

In our third OCS-I/O Livestream of the month - we’ll take a look at Configuration in Cscape. Once you’ve documented your requirements, selected your modules, laid out and installed your system - configuration is next. Join us as we demonstrate the available options for configuring this versatile new I/O family. WATCH NOW...  

Nov 23 2022

The NEW OCS-I/O Base with its Built-in I/O Including Flexible Inputs!

OCS I/O is the latest expansion and remote I/O solution for Horner OCS. In this live session we’ll take a deep technical dive into the CsCAN I/O Base. We’ll pay particularly close attention to the OCS I/O base built-in I/O - including Flexible Inputs that can be used with either digital OR analog sensors! WATCH

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