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May 10 2023

Using an Ethernet Bar Code Reader with Horner OCS

There are a variety of ways to interface Bar Code readers with automation systems - and these days Ethernet is the preferred approach. Join us as we get hands-on with the Horner OCS and the Datalogic MATRIX-320 Ethernet Bar Code Reader. We'll walk you step-by-step through the process of integrating this world class component from

Nov 30 2022

Scheduling FTP File Transfers to/from a Horner OCS

FTP File Transfers over Ethernet are still the most common means for accessing files electronically from an OCS All-in-one Controller. There are plenty of situations where scheduling a file transfer to/from an OCS at a particular time is advantageous. In this session, we’ll show how to make this happen. WATCH NOW...

Oct 5 2022

Using Two Ethernet Ports on the XL Prime

Horner Automation has offered OCS All-in-one controller models supporting dual ethernet ports for A number of years. This is especially popular with OEMs who want their machine to have a dedicated ethernet network while they offer another dedicated ethernet connection for customers use. But in this era of supply chain challenges, especially for ethernet chipsets

Jul 6 2022

Using Modbus TCP for OCS to OCS Communication

Communications is one of the strengths of the Horner OCS. Another strength is distributed control – where a complex control task can be modularized to provide efficiency and scalability in the application by utilizing multiple OCS controllers. But what communications architecture and which communications protocol(s) should you use? In this session we’ll dive into the

Feb 7 2022

Horner OCS and the RealTime Automation Ethernet IP Scanner

Do you need to add Ethernet IP Scanner (master) capability to your OCS application? While the OCS supports Ethernet IP in a variety of ways – an Ethernet IP Scanner is not native. In this session – we’ll be joined by Realtime Automation as we jointly demonstrate the process of adding their Ethernet IP Scanner


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