Senior Firmware Engineer (USA)

Job Type:

Headquarters – Indianapolis, IN

Position Summary

Responsible for developing detailed core firmware designs for power and control systems used in industrial automation products for a variety of industrial sectors/processes. Responsible for the selection, configuration and integration of 3rd party firmware development tools and middleware.   Responsible for writing device driver firmware to interface between core firmware and custom I/O hardware.  Responsible for creating software and hardware tools for design creation, product production, and calibration.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Design and develop firmware for high performance digital and analog circuits.  Digital circuits to range from digital industrial process I/O through high speed counters, pulse generators, and similar circuits implemented in FPGAs to complete controllers including processors, memory, display, communication, power supply, and I/O interface.  Analog circuits include: low level sensor inputs; filters including passive, active, active ladder, digital; A-D and D-A; signal isolation; signal timing, conditioning, and translation.  Circuits include power output drivers, power phase control circuits, and other nonstandard I/O.
  • Design and develop control system firmware used in lighting and industrial automation.
  • Write embedded firmware drivers for custom I/O circuits.
  • Create software tools as necessary in support of design and calibration.  Write sample ladder programs illustrating the implementation of various algorithms for Tech Support.
  • Use software tools such as curve fitting and symbolic algebra packages to generate sensor curves for firmware drivers and equations for calibration software.
  • Troubleshoot hardware issues in the development process and for Tech Support
  • Guide the project process through specified development standards and milestones.  Follow ISO9001 guidelines activities in support of this process.
  • Manage the prototype process including testing and documenting changes.
  • Work with test engineers to accomplish UL, CE, and environmental testing.
  • Work with production engineer to hand off projects including documentation for assembly
  • Work with Purchasing and Production upon request to resolve emergent issues with parts or production.
  • Mentor less experienced engineers.  The Senior Product Engineer due to education and experience has a wide range of knowledge that should be shared with other employees as appropriate.  Informal instruction of engineering, tech support, and production personnel when needed is a standard job function.
  • While taking direction and specifications from management, subject to continuing project reviews, but not hesitant to seek guidance if necessary, The Senior Product Engineer must be able to continue a project to completion will little additional input.  The Senior Product Engineer must be able to maintain project momentum, investigating and researching where necessary, handling part and capability issues, coordinating other engineering efforts, and overcoming roadblocks as they occur.
  • Perform other job duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, or equivalent combination of education and work experience
  • 10+ years of experience / working knowledge of industrial automated control systems
  • Relevant experience and knowledge in firmware architecture creation.
  • Experience in control systems and I/O desired
  • Demonstrate understanding of engineering principles, practices and methods
  • Ability to prepare engineering documents and specifications
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite Outlook, Word, and Excel.
  • Experience with firmware development tools desired.
  • Must be well organized and able to track multiple projects and perform simultaneous tasks
  • Must possess focused time and project management skills
  • Must be able to interact with all levels of the organization in a fast paced environment with multiple locations (domestic and oversees)
  • Must be able to maintain a high sense of urgency to meet project deadlines
  • Must be able to perform essential functions of job, with or without reasonable accommodations.

Company Description

Horner Automation Group is the leader in providing All-In-One Controllers and offers the widest range of integrated control products.

With a core competency focusing on industrial and commercial automation products including:  All-In-One programmable controllers, operator interface devices and a variety of I/O devices.

In addition to standard core hardware product offerings, Horner Automation Group offers a wide base of communications, including but not limited to:  Remote Communications (telephone, radio and cellular modems), cost effective highly efficient wired networks (RS-485 based, CAN based and Ethernet based), along with standard fieldbus networks (CANopen, DeviceNet, Profibus, and Industrial Ethernet).

Another standard and proprietary offering is Hardware, Firmware and Software design and development.  All products are designed by Horner Engineers and assembled by Horner Employees.  With our internal operations and production facility, Horner Automation Group is a fully integrated North American Manufacturing company.

To learn more about us, visit our websites at and  Resumes may be emailed to Human Resources.

Horner Automation Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer


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