“I have been working with Powermation since 1994 and with the same salesman, Mike Genereux.

We started with GE PLC’s back then but we knew of Horner because of the strain gauge and RTD cards Horner built for GE. When Horner started to develop the PLC with screens built in we started to use more Horner equipment for our projects.

Today we are a UL-508A panel shop and we are an Alerton/Honeywell dealer. We have based all our PLC work around Horner to provide controllers for the more demanding processes. The DDC world has come a long ways since back in 1996 when we took on Barber-Colman’s proprietary DDC system.

Now in 2020, with the age of the Bacnet protocol, we have been able to integrate many systems into one BAS frontend. The one thing the DDC world has done very well is built a frontend that is very user friendly and easy to operate with many features.

I have just setup an XL4e with Bacnet and connected it to our BAS at the shop and I am very impressed on how easy it was. We are using the BacnetIP protocol so this helps simplify the communications and point allocations. The speed and performance of point passing is exceptionally good. Horner is operating on the Bacnet platform more like a native device and not a 3rd party gateway. This functions much better than what we have experienced from all the AHU/RTU/MAU, Boiler and Chiller systems currently being using today.

This development has opened doors to some of our Bacnet projects needing gateways to other PLC systems. We have projects using EthernetIP to Bacnet that has been expensive and cumbersome in the past, not anymore. We can now use a XL4 and setup point tables to fill this communications gap.

We have enjoyed working with Horner for many years now.

We have developed and installed many unique systems for customers all over the world.

We know you will help us by developing software and protocols to help us move forward.

Thanks for everything you do, it’s always appreciated.”

~ Rocky Sheving – R&D Sales, Grand Forks, ND