3-phase AC Dual Power Monitor

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Supports connection to three CTs (5A) and three PTs (120Vac).

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Provides a variety of Power data to the OCS/RCS and features ANSI protection capabilities.


Voltage Inputs
Input Range 90-600Vac Input Frequency 40 to 70Hz
Conversion Time 0.18sec1 Voltage Measurement True RMS
Accuracy 1% Voltage Resolution 0.1Vac
Differential Phase Accuracy 0.5° Frequency Referenced to line A
Differential Phase Circuit 1A to Circuit 2A Frequency Resolution 0.01Hz
Differential Phase Resolution 0.1° Frequency Accuracy 0.1%
Input Impedance >2 Megohn to neutral
Current Inputs
AC Current Three-phase 5A, External Current Transformers (CT’s) required Common Mode CT’s returned to neutral
Overrange 50% Input Frequency 40 to 70Hz
Accuracy 1% Current Measurement True RMS
Conversion Time 0.18 Sec Resolution 0.001A
Digital Inputs
Inputs per Module 8 On Voltage Level 40% of V Supply
Commons per Module 1 OFF Voltage Level 60% of V Supply
Input Voltage Range 6-36Vdc Input Characteristics Sourcing
Peak Voltage 36Vdc Max. Input Inpedance 10K Ohms – Pull up to V supply
Digital Outputs
Outputs per Module 8 On Voltage Level 1.5Vdc Max.
Commons per Module 1 Maximum Load Current per channel 0.5A Max.
Operating Voltage 6-36Vdc Output Protection Short Circuit
Output Type Sinking/10K Pull-Up Maximum Leakage Current 100mA
Peak Voltage 36Vdc Max. Maximum Inrush Current 600mA
Output Charactheristics Current Sinking Minimum Load None
General Specifications
Required Power (Steady State) 12-24Vdc nominal6-36Vdc maximumApproximately 7 Watts Recommended Number of ACMs per Network 8 or less
Current (Inrush) < 3 Amp for 10mSec Network Bandwidth 80 messages per second (80%)
Connectors Front Access Relative Humidity 5 to 95% non-condensing
Terminal Type Screw Clamp, Removable Operating Temperature 0° to 60°C
Protocol Supported CsCan Weight 9 oz. (256g)
1 Differential phase conversion time = 90mSec