The customer had a variety of refrigeration systems they manufactured, but did not utilize one universal control platform that could work across their wide range of products. They were faced with issues such as:

  1. Not being able to replicate control systems for their customers’ various applications
  2. Existing control systems high costs were uncompetitive in the market
  3. Lack of uniform, standard, compact systems for their refrigeration controls


By working directly with the customer to outline their application requirements, our team at Horner Automation was able to identify ways to improve their organization through:

  1. Compact, all-in-one OCS controls with extreme temperature operating ranges
  2. Simple systems with intuitive and easy-to-comprehend platforms
  3. Cost-effective products saving resources on hardware and integration


Utilizing our XLT OCS Controller paired with SmartRail and SmartBlock Expandable & Remote I/O has saved this OEM tremendous time (and money) by unifying their refrigeration control systems into one Horner-driven solution that works across all their unique customers’ applications. Some improvements they’ve recognized are:

  1. The ability to develop a standard control package they can reproduce multiple times over
  2. Reduced costs through controls, panel build out, and multiple other components
  3. The all-in-one nature of the OCS is ideal for their space-driven requirements
  4. External I/O capabilities deliver more than enough inputs and outputs for their various applications
  5. Substantial cost savings through a Horner solution compared to many other industry competitors they quoted
  6. Quick, simple installation increases productivity and minimizes overall downtime