The logic control system (LCS) needed to eliminate the construction of “one-off” test systems – the customer needed a way to create reusable and measureable systems for their entire team. The problem was that each of their test engineers would “hack” together their own test systems to accomplish testing goals, resulting in:

  1.     Time being wasted building one-of-a-kind test systems
  2.     Testing was delayed due to waiting for required testing system components
  3.     Systems needed to be improved for product research & development


Our XL7 OCS Controller had the capabilities to help the customer obtain a simple, easy-to-use, expandable test system (that everyone could utilize). The customer was looking for:

  1.     A touchscreen device to eliminate required discreet components
  2.     Low-cost (or in our case, FREE) programming software
  3.     Expandable I/O


The modest size, form factor, and plug-and-play capabilities of the XL7 OCS Controller have helped the customer:

  1.     Save time by being able to quickly set up various tests (utilizing the save devices)
  2.     Expand their department – they built 16 more Logic Control Systems after seeing the results of their first Horner-driven solution
  3.     Steamline their processes and procedures with versatile test systems
  4.     Exceed their base requirements of digital I/O, analog I/O, PWM, and High Speed Counter through an all-in-one solution