The primary challenge of the project was to improve ease of maintenance and troubleshooting time frames. There were an extensive number of conductors between the control station and MCC room, which, overall, led to the switch. With numerous multi-conductor cables traveling between two locations, and the underground conduit being exposed to water, this created a hazardous environment.

Horner understands how important it is to be flexible, and to serve its customers. Horner is able to respond to conflict in a timely and professional manner. This flexibility is due to the wide range of functionality found in each controller.


This project was interesting because there were multiple products that allowed improvement for the company.

There were conduits hazardously exposed to water underground. What used to be an over thirty (30mm) pushbutton system was replaced with an operator panel, minimizing the stress and mess of tangled cables.

They wanted to simplify using multiple temperature controllers for a batch oven system. Horner saw an opportunity to replace with our XL7.

These improvements allowed for quicker troubleshooting time frames, less strenuous maintenance, and a safer work environment.


Horner was able to provide assistance in more ways than one.

Our XL15+ allowed the company to replace an operator panel consisting of over thirty (30mm) pushbuttons for a limestone quarry’s primary crusher process line. The XL7 replaced multiple temperature controllers for a batch oven system, while the X2 replaced a level controller.

With our flexibility and unique products & experience, Horner is able to offer personalized support. Overall, Horner was able to step in and bring improvements to maintenance, ease of service, a helping hand, and even safety.