Trek Bicycle Corporation considers themselves one of the premier biking companies in the world. They were looking for new automation controls at their Engineering Test Lab in Wisconsin. They needed high speed analog acquisition, digital acquisition, digital outputs, network capabilities and serial port capabilities; they needed controls to handle very tight tolerances on bicycle testing equipment.


Trek’s test lab is paramount to producing their top-level, high performance bicycle products. They use their testing equipment for datalogging, data collection and for making improvements to ensure that new models are designed and built to the highest quality standards. One system was a framed, low cycle fatigue tester, that bends the frames back and forth 100,000 times at a specific load, measuring the displacement, to see if it will withstand a lifetime of stress.


After looking at a number of manufacturers, Trek chose Horner because we had everything in an all-in-one package. Our XLE offered a built-in display with all of the capabilities they were looking for, at a great price. Horner also provided training and support to the engineer who was programming, setting up and learning the system.


“Without the quality of the Horner product, we would not be able to produce the quality and consistency of bike that we are today.”

~ Jim Colegrove, Trek Bicycle Corporation, Waterloo, Wisconsin