There are an almost immeasurable number of factors that need to be planned, managed, and implemented in order to maintain a profitable, successful farming operation. Our customer was being faced with some of the following challenges in their operation:

  1. Lack of tools to track fuel storage levels
  2. Inability to manage liquid fertilizers
  3. No systems for grain bin monitoring


The customer was lacking almost any kind of automation processes. Our team at Horner saw an opportunity to plant some automation seeds to help the customer grow his business and streamline his operations through:

  1. Integrating controls for grain, fuel, and material management
  2. Monitoring irrigation systems
  3. Building automation: lighting control and security features
  4. Simple expansion through comprehensive OCS capabilities


By integrating our XL4 OCS Controllers into many of his diverse agricultural processes, our customer saw improvements in his efficiency, cost savings, and time management improvements because of:

  1. Simple, easy-to-use interfaces of the OCS touchscreen
  2. Inventory management
  3. Timely customer and technical support
  4. Intuitive programming from our FREE Cscape programming software
  5. Expansion capabilities as his operation grows