Upcoming Horner OCS/Motion Training January 19-22, 2016.
Let’s take a brief look back at our October 2015 program.

Horner’s next OCS/Motion training is scheduled for January 19-22, 2016. Registration is limited and spaces are filling fast.  Technicians, customers, distributors, sales representatives, and engineers are able to familiarize themselves with Horner OCS systems in the same location where the products are made – in a hands-on environment.

Horner last held OCS training classes for three days in late October. The course was held in the Horner Indianapolis, Indiana factory for those who wanted to understand more concerning the specific nature of the Horner OCS programmable controller. The workshop space includes terminals and OCS devices to encourage understanding not only theoretical, but also practical, real-world implementation. The demonstration setup allowed attendees to physically connect and see how the screens, ladder logic, and possible applications work. Because the training is in person, when any difficulties arose, troubleshooting and solving those issues was simple.

This was the first training in which many of the fifteen attendees had participated, including Patrick Plew, a distributor for Horner products. Plew has been working with Horner products for a little over five years selling Horner equipment for AA Electric in Atlanta, Georgia. This was his first opportunity to dive into the program. He said he is not a technical person in general, but that he was able to understand OCS. “It’s intuitive, and for somebody that’s not a programmer in nature, it makes sense. I think I can handle it. It was a good introductory, foundational training.”

For those who attended the October program, all the possible applications of the OCS came to life. The web-based applications and data-logging functions were new to many as were the in-depth technical aspects of the OCS. By understanding all the features and functions of the OCS, attendees will be able to explain the OCS to customers and to other potential users. Plew said, “I’ve got a pretty good understanding now of the capabilities and whether or not it will be a fit for those sales opportunities.” For sales people dealing mainly with engineers, having personal, hands-on knowledge lends credence and credibility when offering solutions to customers.

Engineers benefitted from the hands-on training. Chris is an ATV electrical engineer who works for Artic Cat. He started learning about the software and is now able to understand how the internal software and coding operates. “This is really helping me with the internal software, and learning how everything works.” In understanding the various OCS functionalities, he said he will be able to recognize the opportunities of trying to help someone when doing something unique.

The training was useful for business owners as well. This was the first class for Gerry, who owns his own business programming canning and bottling lines. This was also the first Horner product he has used. The general knowledge of how to use the product was vital. He said, “The problems coming from [the device] are that I can see using it in millions of places, you know? Immediately I can see opportunities all over because it’s at the price point. A lot of the companies I deal with are smaller, and so they don’t have the enormous monies it takes … and this was an opportunity to do it every it as well, for a lot less.”

Our next Horner OCS/Motion training is fast approaching. It is scheduled from January 19th – 22nd, 2016 The class space for the training spots is limited and based on a first-come, first-serve basis. Check here (https://hornerautomation.com/content/16-ocs-training) for availability and program details.