Jan 4 2023

2022 Year in Review!

Thanks to our loyal customers – 2022 was a great year at Horner Automation. Strong sales, several new product releases and nearly 100 new videos on our Horner YouTube channel. Join us on this first Tuesday of the year as we celebrate 2022. We’ll highlight our most popular videos – many of them customer requested

Dec 28 2022

Introducing the Cscape Drum Sequencer UDFB

Drum Sequencers (sometimes called Drum Instructions) are a great tool in a Control Engineer’s toolbox. They are instructions typically used to execute a simple sequence of events that are repeated over and over again in an application. These events are often time-based, but they can also be input based. In this session we’ll introduce the

Dec 21 2022

Build an Analog Totalizer with the Horner OCS

If you have an application where you are measuring flow - one of your key control tasks may be to totalize that flow. Proper totalization requires more than just math - accurate analog and time measurement are critical. In this session we’ll illustrate effective techniques including utilizing the Horner OCS high-resolution time-base to ensure you

Dec 14 2022

Transform Your Register-Based Logic Routine to a UDFB

On this channel we’ve extolled the virtues of variable-based ladder logic programming with its User-Defined Function Blocks (UDFBs). In this hands-on session, we’ll start with an analog processing routine developed using register-based ladder logic and transform it into a variable-based UDFB. You’ll not want to miss this session where we demonstrate how to efficiently re-use


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